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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Tuesday Teaser - Adam's POV

“You can think about it for a few days if you’d like,” Sebastian says, interrupting my thoughts. 

            My head snaps up, our eyes meet and lock.  I see so much emotion swirling in his oddly colored eyes, the most prevalent is wariness. His jaw is clenched tight, his posture is stiff and unyielding. It appears that he’s bracing himself for rejection, and if I was a smart man that’s exactly what I would do, but I won’t.  I can’t.  My physical need for him is greater than my fear of being hurt emotionally.  That episode in the kitchen has only intensified my craving for him. 

            “Can I ask you some questions,” I request softly. His body visibly relaxes, yet his guarded expression remains.

            “You can ask anything you like, but some of your questions may go unanswered.” 

            I nod in acquiescence.  “Fair enough.”  I look back down at the agreement.  “Will you also be sharing your medical records with me?” 

            “I will.” 

            “Waxing?  Is that a hygienic thing,” I ponder out loud.  My body cringes at the thought of having my nuts waxed. 

            “It’s a preference.  I want your cock, balls, and ass completely bare and unobstructed from my view.”  I feel sweat form above my upper lip as my discomfort is quickly replaced by lust.  I picture myself sprawled and completely bare to him, his hot eyes and hands roaming all over my body. 

            “I understand and agree with the condoms, although I didn’t anticipate them during oral.” My voice trembles slightly.  “If we are both clean then why do we need them during oral?” I ache to feel his hard cock glide over my tongue, to tease his slit, and taste his cum. 

            “It’s non-negotiable.” 

            Oookay.  It makes me wonder if the condoms are used more to prevent intimacy than disease.  “Butt plugs,” I ask with a smile. 

            “I’m hung.”  

            “And modest,” I respond.  Sebastian’s lips twitch, forming a half smile.  “How do I know the proper size to use?” 

            Sebastian chuckles as he leans down and opens his bottom desk drawer.  He pulls out a wooden box, sets it on the desk then slides it across to me.  I flick open the latch on the front of the box and slowly open the lid. I feel my face turning red as I see a row of butt plugs, each of them growing in length and girth.   

            “They are all brand new.  Purchased just for you. The instructions are in the bottom of the box.” 

            “Wow, just what I always wanted.”  I’m hoping to hide my nervousness behind humor.  I don’t look up at him to see if it’s worked.  “I don’t quite know what to say and I doubt there is an appropriate greeting card to properly express my gratitude.” 

            “Sarcasm doesn’t suit you, Adam.” I snap my eyes up to his.  Shit, he’s pissed.  I shut the lid on the box and straighten in my seat.  “You can be sure that I will put your beautiful mouth to better use if you agree to my conditions.”

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