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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

WIP Wednesday and Grateful Giveaway Contest

Welcome back!  Let's start off this post with my Grateful Giveaway Contest!

It was six weeks ago yesterday that I released Only You on Amazon. I didn't set any expectations or goals for my book. I just new I had a story that I wanted to tell and I hoped that people liked it. I never imagined that I'd reach readers in 11 countries or have an Amazon international best seller, or that after 6 weeks Only You would still be in the top 5 for gay fiction. These amazing things all happened because of my awesome readers and I want to thank you for your support.

My favorite part in this journey has been interacting with my readers. So, my friends and I have come up with an interactive contest that I think will be a lot of fun.  This contest is open to everyone, whether your purchased my book or not.  Four winners will receive a $25 Amazon gift card. 

Let's have a little design-a-date fun for Sebastian and Adam. V-Day is coming up in a few weeks and Sebastian takes Adam on a romantic adventure for two, which turns out to be a misadventure. Contestants need to create the date, be sure to include location, activities, and a hilarious calamity that occurs. You don't have to write an essay.  Just pretend you are pitching a short story idea to me and be as creative as you want with only two rules...1)you can't kill one of them and 2)no bringing a third party to their bedroom. Sebastian would never share!

You can send me your ideas here on my blog by commenting below, tweet them to me, post on Facebook, or send me an email at If you send an email please enter the contest in the subject line. You can also private message me if you're feeling shy.You can share with your friends and family by retweeting or sharing on Facebook.  You can enter as many times as you like, but can only win once. I formed a committee to help me pick out my favorite four scenarios. Submissions must be in by 5 pm (EST) on 2/3/15. Winners will be announced next Wednesday, Feb. 4th, on my blog, Facebook, and Twitter.

I can't wait to give those gift cards away, so put on your thinking caps and submit your entries!

Now, onto the WIP Wednesday post.  I've been so busy that I couldn't decide which character to profile next or choose a blurb to post.  Instead, I decided to post pictures that represent the events happening in my current chapter that I've titled Boardwalks and Boardrooms. 

Business, pleasure, or both?  I'm really enjoying the fantasy world of Chase and Grayson right night. I can't wait to share them with you. 

Until next week...


Wednesday, January 14, 2015

WIP Wednesday - Meet Grayson Wright

Age:     32
Hair:    Black
Eyes:    Fuck-me blue
Height: 6’3
Grayson Wright and his older brother, Preston, started Wright Creations, an advertising and marketing agency two years ago.  Gray has spent all his time and energy building the company from the ground up. He and Preston are on the verge of striking it big, but it’s taken a toll on his personal life. His ten-year relationship with his boyfriend has turned toxic and he can’t seem to get them back on track, no matter how hard he tries.  
Gray plans a surprise birthday party for his boyfriend while he’s out of town and comes home early to set it all up. The party guests are in place and the lights are out when Gray’s boyfriend comes through the front door. Gray flips on the light and gets the shock of his life, because his boyfriend didn’t come home alone.  In this book, we follow along as Mr. Wright re-evaluates who he is and what he wants from life. 
Below is an unedited snippet from Gray’s POV. Please remember that this scene may be altered in the final draft.
            I dropped my briefcase on my desk and headed to the break room for another jolt of caffeine.  I jerked to a stop in the doorway when my eyes landed on the sexiest thing I’d ever seen. God must hate me.
            My walking wet dream was in the break room with his earbuds in, dancing to a song while he filled the coffee pots. Even though my eyes and dick were on sensory overload from watching his tight ass dancing in his dark jeans, my nose still detected hazelnut coffee. He was so lost in the moment, his hips swaying and fingers snapping, that he didn’t sense my presence. 
            I walked further into the room, my eyes taking in every inch of his tall, lean frame. I had never been as thankful for casual Friday as I was in that moment. Chase Rivers in a suit was a beautiful sight to behold, but Chase in a button down shirt and a pair of ass hugging jeans was seriously sexy.  It was all I could do not to move up behind him and join in. How long had it been since I last went dancing and had fun?  Too damn long.  Chase turned to the side and rolled his hips seductively.  I saw that his eyes were closed and his lips were moving as he silently sang along. He opened his eyes and did a little Michael Jackson spin and that was when his brown eyes met mine. 
            He let out an adorable squeak and yanked the earbuds from his ears.  “Oh, fuck me.” Gladly. Realizing he just dropped the F bomb he slapped his hand over his mouth and turned the brightest shade of red I’d seen on a person.  “I’m so sorry,” he mumbled behind his hand. 
            I couldn’t hold back my laughter for another second. I threw back my head and laughed from my belly. Laughter was another thing that’s sorely been missing in my life. By the time I regained my composure, Chase’s color had returned to normal and he stood looking at me with a crooked grin on his face. I wanted to kiss that mouth more than I wanted my next breathe.  I took a step toward him to do just that.
Thanks for stopping by to learn more about Mr. Wright. I hope you visit next week when I introduce you to Gram.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

WIP Wednesday- Meet Chase Rivers

Chase Rivers Character Profile


Age:     25
Hair:    Dirty blonde J
Eyes:    Melt-your-heart brown
Height: 6’2

Chase has an MBA from Georgetown with a minor in marketing. He’s a graphic artist and wants to work in advertising.  He was raised by his loving, but very eccentric grandmother, who I can’t wait for you to meet. She makes me laugh so hard. He is surrounded by an amazing group of friends, but he wants more.  He wants to fall in love and be loved in return. He wants to reenact the famous kiss in the rain scene from The Notebook.  He wants the guy he can cuddle up next to in bed while he reads. He wants to be the little spoon and fall asleep each night in his lover’s arms. Chase is matchmaker extraordinaire for his friends, but all finds for himself is Mr. Wrong. In this book, we follow along the bumpy path as he finds himself Chasing Mr. Wright.
Justin Hartley is a very close match to the image I have of Chase in my mind. He has those sexy brown eyes and dark blonde, or dirty blonde hair. I didn’t have these images in mind before I started typing the book.  I simply knew I wanted a blondish haired guy with brown eyes. It’s a pretty rare combination, but super sexy. 
Below are the first few paragraphs of chapter one.  Keep in mind that this is my unedited rough draft and might be altered in the final draft. 
I've always told people to trust their gut; go with their instincts.  So why didn't I follow my own advice, you ask? I was lonely and horny.
I met Devon Bellows while tending bar at Bottoms Up.  He was a great mix of sexy and sweet with a heaping side of flirty.  My lonely heart revved up every time he came in.  It took him months to convince me to go out with him, because I had a suspicion he was involved in a relationship. It wasn't anything obvious like a tan line on his ring finger; it was more subtle like the randomness of his visits to the bar, as if they coincided with his lover being out of town. 
 Don’t think I didn't share my observations with Devon, because I did.  He was adamant that he wasn't in a relationship and his visits coincided with his traveling for work, not a phantom lover.  So, I finally agreed to go on a date with him, even though I wasn't convinced. 
Again, you ask why I didn’t listen to my gut, follow my instincts? I already told you that I was lonely and horny, and I was, but there's so much more to the story.  Buckle your seatbelts, because it was a very bumpy ride.
I’ll be back next Wednesday with bachelor number two, Grayson Wright.  Picture a combination of Ian Somerhalder and Superman. Yum, right?


Friday, January 2, 2015

New Year and a new book

Hello, everyone. I hope your new year is off to a great start.  I've received a lot of questions about my upcoming projects and I wanted to give you an update on my 2015 writing goals.

I am currently working on a new series that will have at least two books, which can be read as standalones or as part of the series. There is a possibility that the series will have four books.  There are some sidekicks that are making a lot of noise in my brain, both of them dominant type personalities that aren't keen on being just a sidekick. I hope to release both of these books this year.  I have not picked out a name for the series, but book one is titled Chasing Mr. Wright. If everything goes according to plan, will have this book ready to release this summer.

I love to engage with my readers and keep them posted on my projects, so for now I plan to do a new blog every Wednesday.  I will call these blog posts WIP Wednesdays and they will contain fun things, such as book character profiles, pictures of hot dudes that might resemble the characters, character quotes from the books, and more.

I also get asked about Matt's story and a previously published book, High Stakes, that readers have found listed on Goodreads. High Stakes was the very first book I wrote and published and it is the first part of Matt, Kyle, and Hannah's story.  I have written, but not published, the second half of their story. It was during that time that I introduced Sebastian and Adam, and those two took over my every free thought.  It is also when I discovered my love for m/m books.  I sent poor Hannah to Texas to work and didn't want to bring her back.  I did, of course, but it was close. I removed High Stakes from the shelves to focus on writing just m/m books, but the interest everyone has shown in Matt has made me rethink that strategy.

I have no problem bringing High Stakes back, but only after I've finished revising/editing the second part.  I will either combine the two parts into one book and release it, or give High Stakes away for free when I'm ready to release the second book. I will let you know when I decide. I just want you to know that I am listening!

Thank you to all of those who have reached out to offer an encouraging word. It truly means the world to me. I am looking forward to making new friends and bringing you new stories in 2015.