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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

WIP Wednesday - Meet Grayson Wright

Age:     32
Hair:    Black
Eyes:    Fuck-me blue
Height: 6’3
Grayson Wright and his older brother, Preston, started Wright Creations, an advertising and marketing agency two years ago.  Gray has spent all his time and energy building the company from the ground up. He and Preston are on the verge of striking it big, but it’s taken a toll on his personal life. His ten-year relationship with his boyfriend has turned toxic and he can’t seem to get them back on track, no matter how hard he tries.  
Gray plans a surprise birthday party for his boyfriend while he’s out of town and comes home early to set it all up. The party guests are in place and the lights are out when Gray’s boyfriend comes through the front door. Gray flips on the light and gets the shock of his life, because his boyfriend didn’t come home alone.  In this book, we follow along as Mr. Wright re-evaluates who he is and what he wants from life. 
Below is an unedited snippet from Gray’s POV. Please remember that this scene may be altered in the final draft.
            I dropped my briefcase on my desk and headed to the break room for another jolt of caffeine.  I jerked to a stop in the doorway when my eyes landed on the sexiest thing I’d ever seen. God must hate me.
            My walking wet dream was in the break room with his earbuds in, dancing to a song while he filled the coffee pots. Even though my eyes and dick were on sensory overload from watching his tight ass dancing in his dark jeans, my nose still detected hazelnut coffee. He was so lost in the moment, his hips swaying and fingers snapping, that he didn’t sense my presence. 
            I walked further into the room, my eyes taking in every inch of his tall, lean frame. I had never been as thankful for casual Friday as I was in that moment. Chase Rivers in a suit was a beautiful sight to behold, but Chase in a button down shirt and a pair of ass hugging jeans was seriously sexy.  It was all I could do not to move up behind him and join in. How long had it been since I last went dancing and had fun?  Too damn long.  Chase turned to the side and rolled his hips seductively.  I saw that his eyes were closed and his lips were moving as he silently sang along. He opened his eyes and did a little Michael Jackson spin and that was when his brown eyes met mine. 
            He let out an adorable squeak and yanked the earbuds from his ears.  “Oh, fuck me.” Gladly. Realizing he just dropped the F bomb he slapped his hand over his mouth and turned the brightest shade of red I’d seen on a person.  “I’m so sorry,” he mumbled behind his hand. 
            I couldn’t hold back my laughter for another second. I threw back my head and laughed from my belly. Laughter was another thing that’s sorely been missing in my life. By the time I regained my composure, Chase’s color had returned to normal and he stood looking at me with a crooked grin on his face. I wanted to kiss that mouth more than I wanted my next breathe.  I took a step toward him to do just that.
Thanks for stopping by to learn more about Mr. Wright. I hope you visit next week when I introduce you to Gram.

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