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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Only You Cover Reveal and Overview


Here is the beautiful cover created by Gorgon of Bioblossom Creative. It was such a wonderful experience working with her. I highly recommend her services if you are in the market for a cover. Her website is

And, now for the overview:

Two completely different men and one powerful attraction.

                Sebastian Blake is a cynical, self-made billionaire who has only known rejection and abandonment in his personal life. Adam Johnson is a closeted gay man who works for the law firm representing Sebastian in a civil lawsuit filed against him by a former employee. 

            The attraction between the men is immediate and intense, but neither of them wants a relationship. Sebastian makes an offer that Adam can’t refuse and they agree to have a purely sexual arrangement.
Passions ignite and their hearts refuse to be ignored, but...

             Enemies from Sebastian’s dark past begin to turn up dead and he is the prime suspect in their murders. Adam is his alibi and the only one who can save him.  Will Adam risk everything and out himself to protect the man he loves?

 Everlasting love or fatal attraction?

             Adam soon finds himself in the killer’s crosshairs, which forces Sebastian to face his feelings for the man. If these two men are to have a future together, they must trust each other, brave adversity, and outsmart a serial killer.
Only you will be available to purchase on December 16, 2014. Stay tuned for snippets...



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