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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Bonus Scene **Contains Spoilers**

As promised, here is an Only You bonus scene. This scene takes place on Christmas Eve and falls between the final chapter and the epilogue.  As stated above, this bonus scenes contains spoilers, so please come back and read it after you've read the book.

I return from the bathroom to find my gorgeous husband sprawled bare-ass naked on our couch. The firelight flickers across his golden skin that’s still damp from our recent lovemaking. Lovemaking. That word used to be so foreign to me, but now rolls right off my tongue.
            I drop to my knees beside the couch and lean over Adam’s sleeping body. I place tender kisses along the back of his neck until I can feel his body begin to stir. I climb onto the couch and lay on top of him, pressing my chest against his back. I kiss a path from shoulder blade to shoulder blade and then back up his neck until I reach his ear. I nip his earlobe just how he likes then give it a gentle tug.
            “Mmmm.” He lifts his head slightly and I kiss across his cheek until I reach his luscious mouth. I can’t kiss him as deeply as I’d like in this position, so I have to settle for tender pecks on his lips, which isn’t enough for my greedy man.  “More.”  
            I push up from his body and Adam rolls to his side, allowing me to drop down beside him. I cup his face in my hands and kiss him with every ounce of love I have in my body. I try to show him how much he means to me, because words still often fail me, even after nearly two years together.

                        “I know,” he whispers against my lips after we break apart. “I love you, too.”  I see the truth in his heavy-lidded, green eyes before his eyelashes flutter and his eyes begin to close.

            “Don’t fall asleep,baby. I have one more gift for you.” His eyes snap back open. 

            “Sebastian, you’ve already given me too much…”
“This will be your favorite present.  I promise.”  With a sudden burst of energy, I climb over Adam and walk to the beautifully decorated tree in the corner of the living room. I drop down on my hands and knees and reach for the item I hid under the tree skirt.

“What a beautiful view, Adam says.”  I wiggle my ass for him. 

            I stand up and hide the gift behind my back as I make my way back to the couch.  Adam sits up when I return. The expression in his eyes changes from joking to serious when he sees the look in my eyes. This is a monumental moment for both of us and he senses it.  “Close your eyes and hold out your hands, baby.”  Adam closes his eyes and I lay his gift in his hand.  My heart is thumping erratically in my chest.  “You can open them now.” 

            Adam slowly opens his eyes and keeps his eyes locked on mine for several seconds before finally looking down to see what’s in his hands. “Sebastian.” A soft sob slips through his lips. He runs his index finger over the lettering on the small embroidered Christmas stocking I laid in his hands. “Baby’s first Christmas,” he says tearfully.  He finally looks up at me and I see happy tears running down his face.  “Are you sure you’re ready?” 

            “Positive.  I can’t wait to start this next chapter in our life together,” I assure him.  “Look inside the stocking.”

            Adam reaches inside and pulls out the tiniest piece of baby clothing I’ve ever seen. He holds it up in front of his face and laughs happily when he reads the words printed on the onsie.  “Two dads are better than one,” he says.  “This is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen and I love it.”

I wipe Adam’s joyful tears off his beautiful face. “I’m sorry that I’ve been so selfish about having a baby. I wasn’t ready to share your love and attention with anyone else, and I was afraid that I would turn out to be an awful father.  I’m still terrified, but I know you’ll help me.” 

            Adam lays his gifts aside and climbs onto my lap. He places his hand beneath my chin and lifts my face until I look him in the eye.  “You are going to be an amazing father, Sebastian.  You’ll be able to teach our children things I never could, because I’ve never known a bad day in my life. I am in awe of you every single day and that will only intensify when I see you interact with our son or daughter.” 

            I lean forward until our foreheads touch. “No one has ever believed in me like you do. I thank God for you every day.  I strive to be a better person because of the faith and love you’ve given me. You make me see the world in a new light and want things I never imagined. This world needs more little Adams running around showing people a path out the darkness and into the light.” 

            Adam kisses me tenderly and I can feel him smile against my lips. “You’ve turned into quite the romantic,” he teases me.  “I like it.” 

            We talk for at least an hour making baby plans while we share a bottle of wine. I can see that he’s getting sleepy again, so I lay us back down on the couch and cover us with a warm blanket. Holding my beloved husband in my arms while he drifts to sleep in front of a crackling fire has become my favorite Christmas Eve tradition.  Although, next year I suspect things will be drastically different if everything goes according to plan. 
            A baby.  We’re going to have a baby.
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  1. I love it! Can you pleas keep writing, I enjoy every one of your stories! The love in this one is heartwarming and so emotional!

    1. Thank you! It's my goal to keep writing. I enjoy it so much.