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Monday, July 24, 2017

Guest Spot MCM: Wulf Francu Godgluck

Welcome back to Man Crush Monday.  This week we have the wonderfully evil Wulf Francu Godgluck.   He is the author of the soul crushing series Of Gods and Monsters.   We are super excited to have him share some of his hair-raising stories with us.

Today we have a special treat – along with excerpts from the series we also have a character interview with Hades Breno el Oscuro.  
He’s a badass biker with a foul mouth.

Up first, is an excerpt from book 1  Of Gods and Monsters: Menoetius

Of Gods and Monsters: Menoetius

“It happened again. Another man seemed to have fallen in lust with me, but this one was different. He was, and will be, the only one I love.”
— Beo Moon.

I stood, and turned, “Sorry, big guy, but I got to run,” holding my hand out for my beanie. He looked me up and down.

“How long are you going to make me wait, boy?”

I gaped at the dude, dumbfounded. What the hell was that supposed to mean?

“I can be a very patient man, Beo Moon,” he said and stood, glaring down at me from hooded brows. “But, when it comes to certain things, people shouldn’t test my endurance, or my temper. I’ve decided, when it comes to you, beautiful,” he stepped closer and placed the beanie over my head, “I don’t have any. You will be mine, Beo. I promise you. So don’t make me wait too fucking long!” he growled then cupped the back of my head with his left hand, hauled on it, and bam!

His mouth covered mine as he forced his tongue past my lips and kissed me with fucking, blazing hell-storm and passion. I moaned as his assault continued. The bastard even curled his right arm around my waist, crashing me against his hard body and deepening the kiss. It lasted fucking lifetimes. Grasping him by the lapels, I silently begged him not to stop— kissing him back, hard, and trying to bury myself in his mouth.

He tasted too good, too right, too damn perfect, and I wanted him too much.

“It started and ended with a hippie kid. Marriage just wedged itself in there like a bullet.” — Colt Maxus.

I roared, snapping my hips and slamming hard into him. Beo cried out so loud, Martin was up off his seat, fists clenching, white knuckles at his sides. My eyes cut to his, and I growled, thrusting into Beo again, this time only a whimper bolted from my boy’s lips.

Coiling the belt and his leash in my hand, I fucked my boy, hearing his cries going silent, his mouth pressed against my neck and nostrils snuffling at my skin as he breathed with each plunge. My eyes challenged Martin to dare step in and stop this. I was only met with a single wet tear rolling down his cheek. I sneered at him in victory, taking Beo’s lips like a deranged animal, kissing my Babyboy hard.

Sweat gleamed and dripped down my scalp, and our bodies rubbed against each other. I felt the increased sensation in my sac.

Beo’s dick was hard, straining backwards to his belly, smearing pre-cum as I moved inside him.

His submission was breathtaking.

“Beo…” I whispered into his mouth when he stopped kissing. My boy was slipping into subspace again.

“Come back to me, boy.” I slowed my thrusts, clenching my ass from the torture and the burn as I edged myself. “Don’t go there. Master wants you here with him,” I growled and bit his lip. When Beo’s eyes snapped open, beholding me with soft tenderness, I couldn’t help myself.

“I love you, Babyboy,” I said, not caring who heard because it was only meant for Beo.

Colt and Beo are perfect for each other.  This does have a BDSM element to the story and it is currently free on Amazon so if you would like to start the series you can do so HERE.

Up next is an excerpt from book 2, Of Gods and Monsters: Hades.   You will probably need a therapist after you read this one but it will be totally worth it.

 Of Gods and Monsters: Hades

“They had claws, they had teeth stained with blood, their bodiescolossal flesh and muscle, and yet I was held in their arms like a fragile feather made from the thinnest glass… And I had no way of protecting them.”—Rex Hunter.

He had never seen a man that gigantic. Moon and city light had washed in through the window, outlining a macabre silhouette towering over him at the edge of the bed, like a hungry, snarling carnivore, abs tight, light bouncing off his damp skin. There was solid muscle everywhere. Biceps and hands as big as his head and he was certain those thighs were thicker than his waist. And he never thought a cock could grow to be that size...and hard and scary and beautiful at the same time. Okay, it wasn’t monstrously thick and ferociously hard—it was a mutated demon—all purple head and dark foreskin, with bulging veins, while stringing from it like thick sap—a fat pearl of pre-cum. And it had been against his tummy, smearing his skin. He’d been tempted to swipe a finger through it and taste, but fear had rooted him. Now there was a crusty patch on his abs, a stain, a mark from him. The beast would probably give him one plow with that thing and Rex would split in half. He pressed his palm to his breast, recalling how that warm, callused finger had bitten into his nipple, while his heart was trying to explode. The man smelled, an overbearing odor of sweat, grime and urine. The carnivore was furious too, growling at Rex, his hairy chest and bulky abdominals flexing with each ragged breath he heaved, and Rex was certain he hadn’t only heard his own heart roaring in his ears.

He’d watched the naturally tanned giant turn, giving Rex a brief glimpse of two solid, dimpling globes of flesh, dusted with black hair, before stomping down the hallway.

“I broke him, day by day, piece by piece, I stole from him and tore that boy apart.”
—Breno Hades el Oscuro.

But those weren’t dark hairs covering the pale flesh, laying in offering to him. He stalked closer, swallowing hard—light, furry and soft looking motherfuckin’ ginger fluff glistened in the light, covering a small creamy white ass in his motherfuckin’ bed.

Hades roared a violent sound as he grasped the duvet and jerked it off. The sight stopped him dead in his tracks. An elfin hellfire rolled onto its stomach, hugging a teddy bear. Skin stretching over beautifully chiseled back muscles, the little knobs of his spine showed prominently, needing the attention of Hades’ lips. His gaze drifted lower, his mouth dry as his glower came to his motherfuckin’ death—dimples of Venus—followed by his second death, a fuzzy, tight, soft cream of heaven he wanted to sink into.

The kid moved sleepily, turned and sat up, dark vermilion hair looking all anarchic and cute on his head. Then the small fuck had to palm his little boner between his legs with one hand while wiping his eyes with the other.

The hellfire looked up, throat working overtime as his perturbed gaze swept over Hades. The petardito gasped and bolted off the bed, cock bobbing between his legs while his small muscled body flexed as he scurried to get away from Hades.

Hades grunted as he rounded the bed, grasping the shit on the forearm, pulling the boy right against him. The small frame shivered as the niño brushed against his skin.

Bad idea. Bad motherfuckin’ idea.

You didn’t let a sex-deprived animal loose to find a pretty little thing, all cute and shit, curled up in his bed, then yank the goddamn kid against your naked body.

Phew……Hades is definitely a love/hate type of character.   You can grab book 2 HERE.  Before we see the excerpt for the next book I think we should see what Hades had to say during the interview.
Enter at your own risk.

Please Welcome Hades

A mammoth-beast of a man burst through the door. His bare chest and abdominal muscle ripple under his leather cut, all hostile and tense as he grunts. His neck, shoulder and arms nothing but hard steel and bulging veins, his dark ceramal skin riddled in odious looking ink, coloring his body. There’s a deranged madness licking his left eye, blacker than the darkest whore pits of Hell, while his right eye is covered in a leather eye patch.

He sneers, his thick black beard, slightly adorned with gray streaks, flashing a tin line of teeth.

“You wanted to do this interview bullshit? You can at least offer a man a drink for dragging his fat ass down here,” he snarls and plops down on a chair, barreling a gale of his thick, sweaty musk, laced with motor oil and blood, into the air. Roughly he slams his hands down onto the desk. “Better got it done and over with, woman. I got shit to do, people to kill, and boypussy to stretch with my cock.”

Q:  At what point in your life did you convince yourself that you were a slave to the darkness?

Hades flexes his hands, peering at his fingers, still stained with the dried blood from some useless piece of fuck he had made a part of the tarmac.

“We all have darkness within us.” Slowly Hades lifts his head, eye narrowing in a glower.

“I never became a slave to nothing. I’m no one’s fuckin’ whore. I embraced my darkness, become one with it, sleep and fuck and made happily fuckin’ afters with it. Didn’t mean there weren’t consequences…sacrifices. We only have one heart, and when its motherfuckin’ ripped out, stolen from you…there’s only a hallow empty hole left, were the darkness festers and transmutes, grows thicker and blacker until it bleeds out, consuming and becoming your very soul.” 

Q: If you could go back in time would you choose Beo over Rex to be your Boy?

What the fuck would it matter? I would never be good enough for anyone… However, push a man too far… Destiny, Fait, Love, Hope… Those bitches had their opportunity… and they fucked me over, right up the ass. I don’t like it when I get fucked over.” Hades folds his arms across his chest, lips twitching in grim, sadistic smile. “I’m the one behind the trigger this time around, and when I meet either of those bitches again, I’ll be the one to put them to ground so they can rot six feet under for motherfuckin’ good.

Q:Where do you see your life going?

Hades laughs softly, slowly, the sound growing ever louder till it’s a corrosive dark blare, bubbling from deep inside his chest. “What life does a man have who’s already sleeping with Death? Where in Hell could such a life ever lead, when you’ve made Death your very whore? Bum Fuck No-Where?”

Q:You feel you are destined to an eternity in Hell. Do you think Rex will follow that path with you? 

Hades swallows…his neck muscles spasms and twitch as he stares at the wall for a long time. He leans over, massive forearms resting on the desk, ginormous scarred and filth ridden hands folding into each other. “Look, sweet Jefecita. Let’s get this very fuckin’ clear… I’m already living that shit, deep throating it ever fuckin’ day and no, Rex won’t follow me. He is my motherfuckin’ Hell.”

Q:What is it about Rex that, above all other men, calmed the demon inside you?

Hades grins, “The darkness inside loved that boy first, at first fuckin’ glimpse. The moment I had seen him on that bed, all cute as fuck, naked, palming his little boner between his legs, red hair a beautiful mess, face stained with the kiss of sleep, the darkness knew who and what it wanted and who Rex would forever belong to.”

Q:Aside from Rex, who is the one person you trust more than yourself?

My fuckin’ fists. At least with them everybody knows something’s gonna die, crushed to death, bleeding their innards out between them.

Q:Do you see yourself ever settling down, getting married and starting a family?

Hades jabs his finger on the table hard. “You need to stop talking this sugar fairy bullshit or peoples gonna get hurt. I’m bad. I don’t deserve the white picket fence and the cute as fuck, handsome husband to come home to, a sweet little house out in the suburbs with a kid and dog playing in the front yard. That fairytale rotted a long fuckin’ time ago.”

Q:Is there anything that you are afraid of?  Any phobias? 

“Motherfuckin’ spiders. Those freaks of nature are gonna lay fuckin’ eggs in your brain and turn the world into zombies one day, I swear to shit, it’s the God honest truth.” Hades licks his lips, glancing away… “On a more serious fuckin’ note… Rex scares me, what that sweet kid feels for me, scares the shit outa me.”

Q:What do you keep in your bedside table?

Hades comes his beard with his fingers, biting his lip, a glint plays in his eye. “A copy of, Without Conscience: The Disturbing World of the Psychopaths Among Us by Robert D. Hare and a copy of When Rabbit Howls by Truddi Chase.”

Q:If you could breed a famous person who would it be and why?

“I want an orgy, with Jack the Ripper, Jason Voorhees and Freddy fuckin’ Krueger, ’cause I wanna know which one of us got the bigger dick.”

Q:If could have one thing that you currently do not have what would you pick?

Hades glare is death and silent as he says, “My heart.”

Q:Do you believe in Happily Ever After’s?

“You are fuckin’ kidding me, right now? A Monster like me, Happily Ever fuckin’ After? What the fuck is this? America’s funnies home videos or some shit?

Q: What do you think are your best qualities?

Hades leans back, a lazy, dreamy smile on his lips, and reached between his thighs, “My dick and that’s the only fuckin’ one.”

Q: What do you think are your worst qualities?

“Every fuckin’ thing you see right before you, and a helluva lot you don’t see, little foxy lady.”

Q: Do you believe in second chances?

Hades grunts. Then smiles darkly. “I guess you’re gonna have to find out at the end of the new book. Better keep them heart plasters at the ready.”

If you don’t realize what you are getting into with Hades that was just a sneak peek.   We decided he also should answer some Fast Fire questions.   Hades obviously doesn’t know how to follow the rules around here.   
Again…..enter at your own risk!!!


Angels or Demons? Motherfuckin’ fairies

Motorcycle or SUV? Harley-Davidson Fat Boy

Top or Bottom? I make milkshake either way.

Boxers or Briefs? Ca- fuckin’ mado!

Trees or Flowers? Hades’ cheeks glow… “Flowers, white like his soul, with touch of pink like his blush.

Long or Short? Thick as fuck

Cut or uncut? Prince Albert

Rock or Hip Hop? Old school Rock

Call or text? I prefer my fists to talk.

Rope or ZipTies? Hands, the better to crush a throat with them, my dear.

Jock or Thong? Calvin Klein

Soft or Hard? Acid

Hairy or Waxed? Werewolf

Shifters or Vampires? Behemoth

Nipple clamps or Cock Cage? Sounds and butt plugs.

Coffee or Tea? Tequila

Brunette or Red Head? Rex

Country or City? The dark black woods.

Hugs or Kisses? Cock sucking

Dogs or Cats? Grimalkins

Dildo or Fleshjack? Tentacles

World of Warcraft or Everquest? Ain’t got time for little kid’s games.

Sweet or Sour? Bitter as bile.

Tattoos or piercings? Scars

Cry or Scream? Howl

Fisting or Watersports? Smiles curly, “Don’t make me fukin’ hard, woman!”

Kiss or Hug? Cuddles

Favorite Color? Death

Favorite Position? On my back with a nice sweet boycock up my Daddy hole.

Favorite Food? Boy pussy

“Are we done? Can I fuck off now? ’Cause it sure as shit seems dryer than the fuckin’ Sahara desert in here, man don’t even get a fuckin’ beer, and I need to go piss anyways. Also there was this cute as fuck boy in the hallway I wane introduce my Daddy dick to.”

Um……thank you Hades for stopping by to answer a few questions.  You have thoroughly confused us on how book 3 is going to play out.  

How about 2 excerpt from book 3, Of Gods and Monsters: Komainu

Of Gods and Monsters: Komainu

“Fuck.”Hades Breno el Oscuro.

Two months later
A pitch-black pit lay before him, reaching through the darkness to pull him down into its depths. Gears ticked softly in the eerie silence as the casket was lowered instead. Nature decided she should piss on them right then and there, spitting a mist of summer rain over the graveyard. Hades shifted his stance and cringed as a painful bolt zapped down his left hamstring. Like a ping-pong match, the torture skewered, slicing down the back of his left thigh then straight up again, sharp enough to make him gasp for breath.

It should have been him being lowered down into that grave. Not fuckin’ Cracker.

One broken man. What the fuck was he worth? Right eye cooked to a bubbling crisp, all new pretty stab wounds and beautiful new scars, cock violated to shit, and one motherfuckin’ heart massacre later, Hades was still fuckin’ standing...barely. It had taken him thirty minutes to walk up the hill, ’cause he was too goddamn arrogant and too fuckin’ stubborn to let Maxus push him in a wheelchair.

God was having one sick fuckin’ laugh at Hades right now.

Because those words—those motherfuckin’ words—no biker ever wanted to hear, had been said to him:

“You won’t ride again...”


Hades’ teeth cracked, raindrops sliding over his scalp and down his jaw to soak into his beard. Some of the fucktarts snaked in under his jacket’s collar, kissing his neck and dampening his shirt.

Jesús, it had been a close call. He still shuddered thinking about it… If Doc hadn’t come back and finished his fuckin’ sentence... and if you just sucked it up and heard the man out before you went batshit crazy and almost killed yourself...

“... Not for the next couple of months at least.”

Ironic actually, how those words were a biker’s true fuckin’ cancer.

Hades grunted, shoving his gaze across the abyss, straight at her. Her frame frozen, expression obscured by the black hat and mesh concealing her face. She held a cut in her hands, hugged it to her chest. The leather looked old, and Hades didn’t need to look to know it was hers. Property of Cracker patched onto the vest’s back. Debbie had always been a well put together old lady, neatly dressed, prim and proper, the old-fashioned kind of way. Hades knew firsthand the deception that image portrayed.

Club blood ran thick in her veins, in the sense that she came from a long family-line of bikers. When Cracker’d had the property patch sewn onto that vest, the man had been so piss-shit scared that his woman would go motherfuckin’ batshit crazy and cut off the old man’s balls. And Debbie had tried when Cracker had given it to her too. Well, that’s what she’d always told Hades anyway. “Woman, I wanna be with you. Today, tomorrow, when I’m old and ugly and have to wear them diapers, and my teeth are all gone rotted away, I still wanna be with the most beautiful woman that has walked God’s green earth.” He’d gone on both knees before her, proposing and offering the property cut to her. Debbie had landed a steel-toed boot right in Cracker’s nutz, ’cause the old fucker had made her cry in front of her entire club family.

Sad she never could pop out a bunch of little ones. She would have made an exceptional madre.

The old lady stood strong as the first shovelful of dirt crumbled onto the wood, but inside, like Hades, they were both a fuckin’ wreck of torn pieces. Him probably more than her.

His thoughts whispered, clawing, trying to grasp onto that single one he wasn’t ready to face… Rex.

He shook his nob.

Quick and sudden. The old timer went in for his monthly chemo treatment—not that the fuckin’ poison did any good in Hades’ eye, that shit always left more damage than a will to fight the battle. This time, Cracker never left the hospital, laid there for four weeks as each of his organs failed, hadn’t wanted no meds to ease the pain, just wanted it over. Wanted out.

Now the old man was being laid to rest in his colors—colors that didn’t mean shit anymore, not to Hades, not fuckin’ piss-ass-motherfuckin’ Viper, and sure as hell not to the rest of the brothers. The Cerberuens were dead: boiled alive, sawed apart and gutted.

Jesús. Hades choked back a sob when the second pile of dirt hit the casket.

Fate hadn’t even spared him the chance to say goodbye to his old friend.

Fucker. He shut his eye, chest burning, pulling tight. Old Devil Eyes would’ve strung Hades up, dried him out like beef jerky laid to bake in the Nevada desert. But, in all respects, the Cerberuens hadn’t been a traditional club, not since Old Devil Eyes decided to kick the bucket all the way to Hell. The club died the day Old Devil Eyes breathed his last. Ever since then, the Cerberuens had become a bitch to another king.

And Hades had failed his club. He didn’t deserve the patch on his right breast, didn’t deserved the colors on his back, or the loyalty the brotherhood had showed him over the years.

And he sure as shit didn’t deserve Rex’s heart, not after...

Fuck. Hades squeezed his eyelids tighter, he couldn’t even fuckin’ cry! Shit, this was pathetic.

The people around Hades started to drift away, including Wendigo, who didn’t even attempt to meet Hades’ gaze. Not even so much as a grunt from the pup. Hades didn’t blame him; he didn’t deserve Wendigo’s respect.


“Love holds the cruelest kiss. She has made many a kami her very slaves, so why do we, mere mortals, believe she would spare us, and treat us any different?”—Kemono Orachi.

And those had been only the ones Kemono knew of.

He had seen many horrors as a young boy and hardly batted an eyelash at them, even less so as he grew and created those very horrors with his own hands, granting him the name Akuma-ō.

But a man—as big and terrifyingly livid as Hades was by simply breathing—screaming himself awake, fighting through a night terror, chilled Kemono to his very bones. This frost had been very different than the thick ice still sitting and blackening around Kemono’s heart.

It had frightened him.

They both cared about Rex. He knew it the first night the biker had shown up at the apartment. The man that had stood in Kemono’s doorway and had watched as a nameless whore sucked Kemono’s cock, had long since died. That man had been broken and weak. What was left today was not a man, not a soul, but something heartless, killed and drained bone-dry by love.

Kemono’s scoured the club. He couldn’t picture Rex here, no matter what had caused the boy to make the decision to work in such an environment in the first place. Especially, one where he would need to bare himself to its patrons. Kemono had a suspicion that whoever gave Hades the tip, not only met a cruel end, but also had been feeding them empty truths.

“He’s not here,” the dark voice rumbled next to Kemono. He leaned back, studying Hades’ frame. The man’s lips taut, neck muscles set in constant spasm of hostility, body no different. But it was the man’s gaze that was the most unnerving of all. It was devoid of all emotion, an empty carnivorous depth, starved for carnage.

Kemono clamped his large hand on one of Hades’ crossed forearms, muscles twitching under his touch. Hades stared at his hand, a growl vibrating through the beast.

Kemono let go, showing open palms to keep the peace. He sighed. Ever since that morning things had been...awkward between them.

Well, it definitely wasn’t a Disneyland before, but THAT morning... He closed his eyes…clenched his fists. Images of bodies grinding against each other on the bed, sweat drenched, hot, drunk while hungry mouths feasted on flesh—

“We ain’t gonna find him here,” Hades barked and turned. Kemono glared after the man, no longer limping, no longer wearing his cut. Black denim clung to his massive legs, while those steel-toed boots made the earth cringe beneath each step. But it was the black shirt that struck both fear and awe into whoever stepped in the kaijū’s path. It clung to the Hades and amplified his hegemony as the far more predominant male.

Now - that was a lot to read and we thank you for sticking with us.  If you are intrigued by what you've read, than we highly recommend starting this series.  Hades might sound like he is totally badass but he is just a 
teddy bear at heart (kind of - maybe -not really).

Of Gods and Monsters: Komainu, book 3 is scheduled to release in the near future.  So now is the time to catch up with books 1 and 2.  

There's a FB Support Group available for when you are finished reading Hades and all his shenanigans.  Just click HERE to be added.

They come to me in the night, creeping into my head. Their voices are all different, their stories all dissimilar, but they keep saying the same thing... 

"Show us, tell us, bring us into your world, and make us known."

Then I sit and they take over. They tell their tales of love, loss and sinister misfortune. Not all of them get a happy ending, but they are pleased when their part is written.

I sometimes find myself lost in my own mind; a world very similar to our own yet so different. Things don't go bump in the night-- they squeal and crawl under your skin, making you grind your teeth, and making your stomach turn over and putting your nerves on edge. Then there's the drama. Oh, the drama!

Wulf Francú Godgluck hails from South Africa. His work is not for the faint-hearted! In his books you'll find... all the beasties with their nasty claws and teeth, and some you didn't even know existed.

But the monsters aren't all real. 

Some live inside us. Who knows what he will make you discover about yourself, lurking in your heart, behind the closed walls in the deep, black recesses where no light penetrates?

Wulf will steal your heart and never give it back. More than likely, he'll pin it to the wall with a bobbypin and sit there sipping his tea while you writhe and squeal on the floor...

STILL sure you want to read a Wulf Godgluck book?

Proceed at your own peril.  

A big thank you to Wulf for letting Hades out of his cage to come play with us.  We cannot wait for Of Gods and Monster: Komainu to be released.   Some of us are waiting on the edge of our seats for it.  Don’t forget book 1, Of Gods and Monsters: Menoetius, is free on Amazon.  To win a gifted copy of book 2, Of Gods and Monsters: Hades, enter the giveaway HERE


  1. Thank you ladies so much! Sorry about the big barbarian and his no filter for his mouth, someone needs to find a nail-gun and staple those lips together permanently! Well if they can find a nail-gun big enough.

  2. i love this series from Wulf !!!!!