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Friday, July 14, 2017

Guest Spot: Luna David

Today we welcome the amazingly talented author of the Custos Securities Series, Luna David. Her 3rd book in the Custos Series, Saving Sebastian, was released on July 6th.  We are so happy to have her here with us today.  
 There will be some excerpts, teasers and an interview. 

So sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

First up is a funny excerpt from Saving Sebastian!

He continued to give the kittens attention but kept his eyes on Sebastian. “You wearing a plug, boy?”

The blush pushed even more of his buttons and he smiled as his boy nodded and said, “Yes, Sir.”

Gideon, still squatting with the kittens, rested his elbows on his knees as he gazed up at his boy, grinning. “You look good enough to eat.”

Sebastian’s blush deepened and he turned his face away, avoiding eye contact. Gideon watched as an emotional wall came up, insulating his sub from any unwanted compliments he didn’t believe were genuine. He’d have to work on that.

“Speaking of eating. Have you had dinner?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Good. Come on into the kitchen, I’m gonna grab a beer and you can look through what I’ve got to see if you want anything.”

Sebastian followed him quietly and when Gideon pulled a beer from his fridge, he left it open for Sebastian to look through. He saw a spark of interest and then a sideways glance at Gideon before he shrugged and said, “I’ll just take water.”

That brought Sebastian’s focus directly on him. His eyebrows reaching toward his hairline. “Pardon?”

Gideon grinned at his boy’s proper response and used the neck of his beer bottle to point at the fridge. “You saw something that interested you in there. Go ahead.”

A blush crept up the boy’s neck to his cheeks and Gideon smiled wider, wondering what on earth could garner that much embarrassment from his refrigerator. He frowned when Sebastian insisted that water was what he wanted. That wouldn’t do at all.

Setting his beer down he lifted Sebastian up and sat him on the countertop, and watched as the boy wiggled to get his plug-ladened ass comfortable. He smiled and wedged himself between the boy’s legs. Watching his eyes dilate when he wrapped both of his legs around his waist like he’d done the night before sent a little thrill through Gideon.  He loved how Sebastian responded to him.

He leaned in and trailed soft kisses up Sebastian’s neck, smiling when he felt his whole body shiver. Kissing his way to his ear he whispered, “What’s got you blushing in my fridge? Hmm?”

Before Sebastian could respond Gideon kissed his lips and pulled back. “We’re not gonna move from this spot until you tell me. I’m a very patient man, Sebastian.”

Sebastian huffed, blushing again. “You’ll laugh.”

Gideon laughed. Guilty as charged. And reveled in the fact that Sebastian felt comfortable enough to shove him away playfully.

“See? I told you, you’d laugh!”

“You haven’t even told me what you want yet!”

“Well, I’m not gonna tell you now!”

Gideon snuck back in between the boy’s legs and tested a theory from a response he’d gotten the night before, digging his thumb lightly into Sebastian’s ribs. When the boy squeaked, and tried to shove him away again, he dug his fingers into Sebastian’s other side until he was squirming and trying desperately to get away from those tickling digits.


Gideon stopped his torture in complete surprise. A laugh escaping before he could stop it. “What?”

Sebastian’s mouth dropped open at his audacity. “See?! You laughed!”

Gideon gripped the edge of the counter, leaning into Sebastian, the top of his head resting on Sebastian’s shoulder, hiding his face as he kept laughing. “I’m not! Really. I’m not.”

Sebastian gasped and tried to shove him away. “You so are!”

He shook his head and cleared his throat, finding himself completely surprised, pleasantly so, that he was having so much fun. When was the last time he’d had fun like that? His expression serious, he gazed into Sebastian’s eyes, his own twinkling with mirth. “I’m not. I promise. This is serious. Chocolate milk is serious business. Hang on.”

He went about getting out a long ice cream spoon and the largest glass he could find. He filled it with milk and got the chocolate syrup out of the door of his fridge and proceeded to brandish it high above the milk glass, squeezing a ridiculous amount of chocolate into the glass with a flourish.

Setting the syrup down, he held up the spoon to be examined by Sebastian, who was now crossing his arms over his chest, eyes narrowed, doing his level best not to laugh. When he nodded, Gideon proceeded to take said spoon and stir in the chocolate, the milk changing color gradually until it was as dark as he could probably get it.

When Sebastian moved to pick it up, Gideon held up his finger and turned to a drawer. Back a second later, he was brandishing a plastic, bright blue, loopy straw with a penis as the tip and Sebastian lost the fight and finally let loose his laughter. When Gideon handed him the huge glass of chocolate milk he took it with greedy hands and started drinking from the penis with outrageously exaggerated enjoyment, making Gideon laugh again.

When he finally stopped drinking, the glass was half empty and Sebastian smacked his lips. “Ahh! Sooo good! Thank you, Sir.”

Completely charmed, and thoroughly enjoying himself, Gideon replied, “You’re welcome. I’ll keep it stocked for you.”

Sebastian tried his best to look stern. “See that you do.”

They grinned at each other a few more seconds and Gideon remembered the box of pastries his brother had given him earlier. He snagged them from the counter and opened them, watching as Sebastian’s eyes widened comically and he reached in the box, but then yanked his hand back out, looking up at Gideon. “May I, Sir?”

He smiled gently and nodded, loving hearing Sebastian call him Sir. “Please. That’s why I opened the box. Braden made them.”

They snacked on the sugary confections quietly for several minutes and Sebastian took another long drink from his glass and then looked at him seriously. “Um, Sir?”

Gideon smirked. “Yeah?”

Sebastian looked down at his drink and then back up again, grinning. “Don’t think I’m gonna let it slide that you have an electric blue, loopy penis straw in your kitchen.”

Gideon threw his head back and laughed. “Well, see. . . There was this party. . .”

“Uh huh, sure. I’ve heard it all before!”

“You’ve heard a story about an electric blue, loopy penis straw party favor before?”

“Who hasn’t?”

“I’m gonna go out on a limb and say, probably most people.”

How adorable was that? Next, the lovely Luna sat down and answered some questions.  Take a look…

Did you always know that you wanted to write books? If so, what age?

No. Haha. It’s kind of weird. I always had stories in my head. From the time I was very little I can remember spinning tales in my mind but I’ve also always been a private person, and didn’t tell people and therefore I thought everyone else also had stories in their head, and I never ever even thought to write them down. It wasn’t until college when I met a friend that loved romance novels as much as I did and we’d tell each other when we read one that we loved, etc.

One time I was reading a book and I said something like, “I’m reading so-and-so’s new book, don’t read it, you and I could do a better job than this.” And that got us to talking and then talking some more and well, we decided to collaborate before we even knew that was a thing people did. And well before self-pubbing was made fairly easy. We came up with an outline and started to write. That book never got finished. I think we got as far as chapter 10 of 20 and then life got in the way. Each of us got married, had kids, yadda yadda yadda. But she’s still one of my closest friends and when I started to read M/M something clicked with me. She hasn’t and probably never will read M/M except for when she beta reads my books, but when I told her I was excited and had the idea for a story that was M/M she encouraged me.

So I started the Custos Securities Series and she was basically my alpha reader for that book, following it from the beginning and helping along the way as I basically sent her excerpts the whole damned time, feeling completely insecure about it. She has a college degree in literature/creative writing and well, I don’t. So, she knew what she was doing and I was just tossing words on a page that popped in my head when my characters spoke to me. She helped polish that book and my others since. I didn’t even know what a beta reader was at the time, and she was my alpha reader. 😉 She told me I inspired her to start again and she has since put her own M/F romance novel out and it’s amazing. So it was kind of delayed for me, obviously, but better late than never, I guess. And now I’m so happy to have found a career that I have passion for and absolutely love.

Where do you draw inspiration for your characters?

Hmm. Well, I guess from characteristics of real people in my life. From situations I see or hear about. Anything in my life is basically fodder for ideas. Silly convos I have with friends that make me laugh could end up in a book. I often text myself or PM myself if I have an idea during my day just so I won’t forget about it. Most of that has to do with plot and characteristics. I’ll be talking to my family when we get together and I’ll be like OMG hang on I have to write this down. We were just in Mexico for my cousin’s wedding, and we went to this amazingly beautiful spot there that I will remember for the rest of my life. And I was taking a couple pictures and told them all it would be in a book one day. Just things like that will occur and I do my best to remember and write everything down so the ideas don’t slip away, because I also have the worlds worst memory.

What’s your writing process like? Plotter, Pantser, or both?

Welp.. Here’s the thing. I’m basically a pantser and that’s how I prefer to do things. I find myself trying to plot and writing so much in my outline that I basically write the book there. Then I change so much while I’m writing that it makes me crazy. However, while writing Saving Sebastian, it was getting so long, and towards the end I couldn’t see the forrest for the trees, so I forced myself to roughly outline the last 5 chapters. That actually helped because I was able to make the outline short because I knew where the story was going, I just wanted an idea of how may chapters and how long it might be. In doing so, I kind of taught myself a better way to outline and I need to start doing that more often. I know people love long books, but I need to learn how to not be so verbose because 180K words for a novel is ridiculous, even though I loved every word. So for my own sanity, so that it doesn’t take me so long to get books out, and so that I improve as an author, I know I need to force myself to become a plotter, or at the very least, equal parts plotter/pantser. *crossing fingers*

If you could have a super power, what would it be?

I already have one. Have you read my bio? As a card carrying member of the Coalition of Antisocial Action Heroes (CAAH), I’m able to escape the horror of peopling, utilizing such evasive maneuvers as “duck and cover” or “cut and run” or “turn tail and hide.” I’m also quite adept at avoiding the drudgery of adulting. It takes a lot of practice, but I don’t give up easily.

What’s your favorite thing to wear while writing?

That’s in my bio too! Rainbow slippers and Wonder Woman pajamas. Hahaha But seriously, if it’s comfortable, I’ll wear it. Yoga pants and soft cotton shirts mostly, and my slippers.

Rapid Fire Round

Batman or Robin? Robin
DC or Marvel? Marvel
Coffee or tea? COFFEE IS LIFE!
Painted toenails or naked? I prefer mine painted, but I never paint them, sadly. I love jamberry, so sometimes I’ll do that.
Rock or country? ROCK for sure. NOT a fan of country.
Coke or Pepsi? Coke or Coke Zero
Pride and Prejudice or The Notebook? Sure, why not?  
Shower or bath? I shower every day, but if given a choice and I’ve got the time, I LOVE long baths!
Brittney or Lady Gaga? Hmmm… They are both crazy talented in their own way. But, I don’t really listen to either of them. I’m more of a folk rock girl.
Sweet or Salty? YES!

Who’s ready for some sexiness?  Get those fans and cold water ready – You’re going to need them

His relief fled upon seeing Sexual Intercourse emblazoned across the top of the next page. Okay, that was a bit of an exaggeration, but it felt like that.
There were two boxes. The first of which stated: No sexual intercourse will occur between the two parties. The second of which stated: Sexual intercourse will occur between the two parties, and then further outlined possibilities for limits or stipulations regarding said sexual intercourse.

He cleared his throat. Wanting Gideon to know he had no expectations and didn’t assume the man wanted him like that, he spoke up, “We can check the first box, Sir.”

He watched Gideon’s reaction closely and confusion set in when the man didn’t react at all, besides staring at him quietly. He felt like he had to explain himself. “Um, I just mean that I’m not expecting anything. I understand if that’s not what you want from our arrangement.” When Gideon’s eyes narrowed, he realized what he’d omitted. “Sir.”

He looked down at his lap and distracted himself with petting Slap and Tickle, and scratching them behind their ears. He jumped in surprise when Gideon growled out, “Put the kittens on the floor.”

Sebastian’s eyes popped wide and he did as instructed. No sooner were the kittens on the floor than he was yanked down the length of the couch by his ankle until he was lying flat and Gideon was lying on top of him. They were face to face and Sebastian’s heart was racing, his breath coming in pants. Holy fuck, how had Gideon managed that maneuver? And was Sebastian crazy to think that was the hottest thing he’d ever experienced?

Gideon loomed over Sebastian, gently clasping Sebastian’s left leg around the calf and wrapped it around his upper thigh and did the same to Sebastian’s right leg. Sebastian couldn’t help it, he tugged Gideon even closer and crossed his ankles over Gideon’s ass. Heat flared in Gideon’s eyes and Sebastian began to rethink his offer of checking the first box.

Gideon wedged an arm under Sebastian’s back, tugging his shirt up in the process, gripping his neck. They were a hairsbreadth apart, their eyes locked on each other, Gideon’s aquamarine gaze was intense. If Sebastian didn’t get his breathing under control, he was going to pass out.

His mind shut down when Gideon’s hips began a slow undulation.

“What do you feel, boy?” Gideon’s hips rolled into his once again, making Sebastian gasp and grind his own hard cock against Gideon’s. “Answer me.”

“Your cock, Sir.”

“Does it feel good?”

Sebastian’s yes, was more an exhalation than a fully formed answer. He closed his eyes when those magical hips undulated against his again.

“Who’s it hard for?”

Sebastian’s eyes popped open, meeting Gideon’s. Unable to answer, all he could do was gasp in another breath and pray he didn’t embarrass himself by coming in his jeans.

“Who’s it hard for, boy?”

“M-me, Sir?”

“Say it again. Who’s it hard for, Sebastian?”

“Me, Sir.”

“That’s right, you. There is nothing I want more than to sink myself fully into your tight little hole. I want you, every inch of you, Sebastian. Don’t doubt it.”

Sebastian’s eyes rolled back in his head when he heard the growly whisper in his ear. He began to rub up against Gideon faster, unable to stop himself. He used the leverage of his ankles, still locked together at Gideon’s ass, to rub his hard dick against the Dom’s.

“You like that? You gonna come for me, Bastian?”

Dear god, more whispering. He’d never been called Bastian before, but suddenly he never wanted to be called anything but Bastian by the man. Well, that and boy, because that pushed his buttons too.

“That’s it, boy. Take what you need from me. Mmm, goddamn those hips can move.”

Sebastian couldn’t stop the whimper if he tried.

“Can they move that fast while you’re riding my fat cock?”

Jesus, the man would be the death of him.

“We’re gonna find out, aren’t we, boy?”

When he could no longer control his movements, he cried out, “Sir, please?”

Gideon bit down on his earlobe and growled, “Come for your Dom, boy.”

White lights flashed behind his eyelids and the longest orgasm he could ever remember having had him convulsing as volley after volley of cum shot out of his cock into his pants, leaving him limp and panting. His gasping breaths eased, his heart rate slowed, and the orgasm haze had him nearly asleep, the only thing keeping him awake was the weight of his Dom on top of him.

As the minutes ticked by, he grew embarrassed, not wanting to open his eyes and face the man that had just brought him more pleasure than he’d had in longer than he cared to admit without even touching his dick. He didn’t even know why he was feeling so self-conscious, or rather, didn’t want to admit it was because he’d come so quickly and in his own jeans. For fuck’s sake.

“Open your eyes.”

When he did, his Dom’s eyes were crinkled at the sides, his smile one of contentment and satisfaction. “Thank you, Sir.”

His blush bloomed fast and he cast his eyes down to Gideon’s lips. Lips that lowered and took his before he even had time to take a breath. Before he could contemplate that this was their first kiss, it was over, like it had never been. He glanced up into Gideon’s eyes again and smiled, shyly.

“You’re welcome.”

“Can…can I return the favor, Sir?”

Gideon slowly extricated himself from the grip of Sebastian’s legs and sat down on the couch by his feet, facing him. Pulling both of Sebastian’s feet onto his lap. “No, we still have a few things to discuss.”

WOW!!!!!!  I need a minute to gather myself.   I hope you all enjoyed that excerpt.  I sure did.   If you would like to check out Saving Sebastion you can do so HERE

If you haven’t started this amazing series yet you can check out Luna’s Amazon page and get to 1-clicking HERE

Luna has also shared her playlist from Saving Sebastian!!

Saving Sebastian Song List
Sleeping At Last – Turning Page
The Civil Wars – Dust to Dust
Birdy – Not About Angels
The Civil Wars – I’ve Got This Friend
Brandi Carlisle – The Story
Amos Lee – Colors
A Great Big World – Say Something
Ray LaMontagne – Let it be Me
Joshua Radin – Today
The Civil Wars – Dust to Dust
Hozier – Take Me To Church
Ingrid Michaelson – Keep Breathing
Ray LaMontagne – You Are The Best Thing

Thank you Luna for stopping by today.  It was a blast and we cannot wait for the next book.   If you would like to follow Luna (which you really should) you can do so at her links listed below.


  1. OH HELL YEAH!! LOVED the first two books and can't wait to read the third. I'm gonna have to read the first two again to get in the correct head space.

    Thanks Luna for the newest book and Thank You, Aimee for this blog!!!