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Monday, July 31, 2017

Guest Spot: MCM: T.C. Orton

Happy Monday Everyone!   Welcome back to Man Crush Monday.  Today we have the very talented T.C. Orton with us.   He is here to chat about his newest release, Iudicium, which release in May.

We have a little tease from the book as well as a fantastic interview.  Let’s get this little shindig started!

Welcome TC.  We are excited to have you with us today.     Can you tell us about yourself?

I like big dicks, long walks on the beach, and fried chicken.

We are here today to talk about your newest release, Iudicium.  What does the title name mean and what is the book about?

Iudicium is the latin for Judgement/Court/Sentence/Trial, however it also means Opinion. The story is about a skuld (half light-elf, half human) who gets sent to a prison that leans over the edge of the world. It’s high fantasy, very dark, and is a choose-your-own-adventure story that lets the readers make Fayt’s choices for him.

What is your favorite trope to write?

Anything BUT contemporary. I cannot do contemporary very well. I guess I’m fond of love triangles as most of my work features them, but there’s usually some paranormal aspect pulling the romance along. I always put my paranormal/fantasy elements first.

What part of a new story comes to you first?  Title? Characters? Plot?

It’s been different with every story. For Seeing Red, I had Moss and Isaac, and everything else went from there. As for Iudicium, I had the concept of a choose your own adventure, and it sprung life from that.

What was your inspiration for this story?

Video games. Highly inspired by an onslaught of video games.

What's the best thing you've ever had someone say about one of your books in an email or review?

That they liked it? :’)

If you had to be a character in a Stephen King book - which one would you choose and why?

Randall Flagg, cos why the hell wouldn’t I want to be Randall Flagg?

Do you read your reviews, and if so do they influence the way you write the next book at all?
I read them. But I’ve noticed that reviews are given in two different ways. You get story reviews, in which someone will 1 star you because you didn’t have a happy ending or put the pair they wanted together in a relationship. I ignore these, as my stories are my artistic vision. I won’t change my plots for anyone, nor should they expect me (or any other author) to do so.

The second types of reviews are the constructive (or not so constructive) break down of your writing itself. I take note of some of these, as I’m always looking to improve.

What is your favorite book?  How many times have you reread it?

Would it be arrogant to name one of my own? Lmao. I love Seeing Red. I can’t help it – I put everything into it. (Other than that, I’m a big fan of the mortal instruments and midnighters series. But I’m still reading them)

What do you keep in your top draw of your dresser?


If you could be any Power Ranger who would you be, and why?

In terms of team dynamic there’s not much of a difference unless you’re the red ranger (the leader) And I’m not sure I’d like to be the leader of a superhero squad. But I wouldn’t complain if Zordon recruited me into any color.

If you could have a love affair with one of your characters who would you pick and why?

It’d have to be Moss. Though I know for a fact I couldn’t handle him half as well as Isaac… I’d probably be much “safer” with Nicolai, but safe isn’t happy, as Isaac discovered.

If you could have a face to face meeting with any famous author, who would you choose and where would you meet?

George R.R. Martin. Anywhere.

What's your favorite thing to wear?


If you could have a superpower, what would it be and why?

I could go on and on, but right now I’m feeling Super Speed (ala Flash)
Perks: Super metabolism. Throw lightning. Phase through objects. Time travel. Run up walls/across water. And of course, never having to pay for public transport ever again.

If you could turn one of your books into a game, which book and why?

Iudicium. It wouldn’t make for a great action game, but it’d be it’d be great suspense with some CGI man on man action.

You get to live out your favorite fantasy with 2 M/M authors.  Who are the authors, what is the fantasy?
Jaclyn Osborn holds the camera. Devon McCormack is on the bed. Enough said.

What are you reading right now?

I’m not. I’m writing – BUT, I will be getting to Axios by Jaclyn Osborn soon.

What is next for you?

I could do with a bath if I’m honest

Anyone you want to give a shout out to?

JACLYN OSBORN. Also, Dark Silence by Katze Snow

Rapid Fire Time

Optimus Prime or Bumblebee?  Bumblebee? (Not big on transformers)
Superman or Iron Man? Superman
Double Penetration or Fisting? DP
Introvert or Extrovert? Introvert
Cherrios or Froot Loops? CHEERIOS
Top or Bottom?  I’m a sloppy bottom
Super Mario or Sonic the Hedghog?  Sonic
Windows or Mac?  Windows
Rock or Hip Hop?   Rock
Orgasm Denial or Spanking?   what the hell is the first one?
Read or writing?    Writing
Missionary or Doggy Style?   Doggy
Pink or Purple?   Pink
Bear or Otter?   Otter
Fried Chicken or Chinese?   FRIED CHICKEN
Right or Left?   Right
Country or City?   Either
World of Warcraft or Everquest?    Neither
Sausage or Cheeseburger?    Cheeseburger
Jock or Briefs?    Jock
Kisses or Hugs?     Get away from me
Sweatpants or Jeans?   Sweats
Pro porn or Amateur Porn?   Amateur
Drake or Pete?     Drake
Favorite flower?   There’s different types?
Favorite beverage?    Zero cal energy drinks
Favorite color?    Red

That was hilarious!  I love the Q&A section.    T.C. has a little tease for you – a little quote from his book, Iudicium

“I feel the tip of his index finger sink into my body, and I muffle a cry with my hands. It stings so bad, and it feels so rough. I don’t know how much of this I can take, and I don’t know how long I’m going to have to endure it. Maybe I should just kick him, provoke him, have him kill me on the spot and end it all… Maybe

This is a choose your own adventure.  If you are brave enough to see where you will take yourself check it out HERE


After being incarcerated at a prison that leans over the edge of the world, Fayt must do whatever it takes to escape (or simply survive) the horrors that await him. You will take control of Fayt and guide him on his path, but be careful, for not everyone posing as an ally will lead you down the road to freedom. 

Note: This is an interactive story, and it is important that you keep a record of your choices close by. 

Fayt is in your hands… 

You can find T.C. at the following links

If you are looking for some new reads.  Here are his releases.

Seeing Red

College Climax 

Christmas Climax 

Omega Moon  

You can find T.C.’s Year One Collection which includes the above books you can check it out HERE

If you would like to win a copy of any of T.C. Orton’s backlist please comment on the blog post!

A big thank you to T.C. for hanging out with us today!   We are so excited to see what you have planned for us in the future.

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