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Friday, December 9, 2016

Something to Dye For Teaser #3, Blurb, and Projected Release Schedule

Hello everyone. I must apologize for the lateness of this teaser. It clearly isn't Tuesday. Thank you, Sandra, for you gentle reminder that the teaser was missing this week. I was so wrapped up in finishing book 3 that I simply lost track of all time. Bad author! Bad!

I have for you teaser number 3, the blurb, and my projected release schedule because many have asked. We'll start with the pretty part first. Credit for this beautiful photo goes to Wander Aguiar and the graphics were provided by Jay Aheer.

Ahhhh, a dose of Josh and his evergrowing feelings for his detective. You can expect to see a lot of growth from him in book 2.


A phone call in the middle of the night forces Detective Gabriel Wyatt out of his warm bed and into the frigid night to identify the body of a murdered man whose wallet contains Gabe’s business card instead of an ID. That night sets off a chain of events that chills Gabe to his bones when it appears that the killer has set his eyes on a new target – Josh Roman.

Josh comes face-to-face with a painful reminder of his past just when he’s ready to acknowledge that his feelings for Gabe go way beyond liking the man. How can he trust his feelings for Gabe are right when before he’d always been so wrong?

Will Josh and Gabe finally acknowledge that what they have is something to live for or will they allow danger and doubts to destroy their chance at something special?   

Something to Dye For is book 2 in the Curl Up and Dye Mysteries series. These books are written to be read in order. They contain sexually explicit material and are intended for adults 18 and older. 

**Release Dates**

Dyeing to be Loved - November 8, 2016
Something to Dye For - January 3, 2017
Dyed and Gone to Heaven - March 7, 2017
Book 4 (Title has spoilers so it's a secret right up until the cover reveal) May 2, 2017
Dr. Dimples and his love  - July 11, 2017
2 new characters introduced in book 3 - September 4, 2017 (target date)
Josh and Gabe Christmas book - December 5, 2017 (target date)

That's the most up-to-date information available for the guys. 

I also want to clarify some issues regarding cliffhangers. When I decided to write this series, I committed to not leaving my readers hanging when it came to Josh and Gabe's relationship. Although I strongly support authors who choose to do so, I understand that readers do not always like them. I know it's hard to wait months to see what happens between the two main characters. 

My goal has always been to leave the guys in a good place where you could see their relatiionship evolve through their growth. I feel very strongly that I've done that very well through the first three books. That being said, the main case that Gabriel is investigating does have cliffhangers because it's an ongoing case. It's complicated and rushing to solve the case in one or two books would not be doing it justice.

I decided this week to add a holiday book to the lineup. There will be NO cliffhangers of any kind between the final book for Josh and Gabe (book 4) and their holiday book. The holiday book is just an extra book for fun. 

Thank you for stopping by and reading my ramblings! I'll be back in a few days to give another teaser! Much love to you all and thank you so much for your patience.




  1. I love that you won't tell the name of the book because of spoilers lol. These guys are so great!! Excited for book 2 with great anticipation!! Yeah a Christmas book, new characters!!!!

    And damn the blurb, coming after Josh EEK!! Man oh man!!!!!

    Thanks Aimee!!

    1. It would totally give away the main event that happens in the book! Where's the fun in that? That Christmas book is already coming to me. Oh, holy night, indeed.

  2. LOL!!! I love the surprise!!! It's going to be a great book year!!!

  3. I love Josh, he is a tough cutie, I love Gabe, he is soft cutie, and I sure love to read what is next for them.... Thank you for the new series, it's fun, it's HOT and can't wait for MOREEEE ��