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Friday, June 10, 2016

Only Us: A Sebastian and Adam Blake Short Story

I wanted to repost this short story that goes into detail about Sebastian's reconciliation with his mom, brother, and sister, as well as the expansion of his and Adam's family before Always You goes live. It's not at all required that this short story be read, but those who've read Only You will have some answers they've been wanting to know.

This unedited short story was first published in February 2015 as a thank you to those readers who fell in love with the Blakes and wanted more. Also, I knew that Wesley was getting his own book by that point and I needed to set up his story.

This story is meant for adults 18 and older.

Chapter One

            “Fuck,” The caramel sauce I was stirring on the stove boiled, popped and exploded all over the front of my apron.

            “Language, Sebastian,” my mother said when she entered the kitchen.  “Did you not follow the recipe I gave you?”  She walked over to me and gave me a playful nudge aside. “Good God, is this supposed to be the caramel sauce for the cheesecake?” She removed the pot with the offensive substance from the stove and set it down inside my sink. 


            “We’ll just have to try it again.  This time make sure you don’t turn the heat up so high. Making caramel from scratch takes patience, which isn’t your virtue.” Many would say I have no virtues at all. “If I know you, you were plotting corporate takeovers and strategizing on how quickly you can get your husband upstairs once I take Hank for the night. 


            She knew me so well.  I looked into Mercedes King’s smiling, hazel eyes that were a slightly darker shade than mine. The journey to reconciliation was a long and painful one, but every day I was thankful that my mom was back in my life. Dr. Katherine worked with us individually and together so that we could reach that point in our lives. Dr. Katherine made me see that my mom was my father’s victim, also.  

            In a joint session, my mom told me how she had planned to take my siblings, Lilyana and Wesley, and leave my father to come find me. She told me she hid every penny she could spare for an emergency fund, but my dad found it hidden in her closet. He convinced her that a judge would give him custody of my younger brother and sister, because she had no way of supporting them. His proclamation was followed by a severe beating just in case she didn’t believe him. She already suspected that Wesley was gay and she wouldn’t risk leaving him with my dad. I asked her why she didn’t seek me out after the hateful bastard dropped dead of a stroke several years ago. Her answer was the turning point in our reconciliation. 

            “Too much time had passed by then and you’d already become a huge success.  I didn’t want you to think I only wanted you back in our lives because of your money, and I didn’t think I deserved your forgiveness. If I’m being honest, I don’t think I deserve it now.” 

            Her answer was honest and sincere and I knew at that moment I had to forgive her so she could forgive herself.  She was still the woman who nursed me through illnesses and encouraged me to dream and explore. She gave me complete, unconditional love up until that horrible night in the Hamptons. If I was honest with myself, I would allow myself to recall the anguish in her voice when she pleaded with my father before he struck her nearly unconscious. Yes, my mother was also his victim and it was past time we stopped letting George King control our lives, which he was still doing from the grave at that point.  

            “Love, stop in live in the moment, because this moment is all that we have. It’s great that you want to focus on the moments you will have alone with Adam tonight, but let’s first make sure you don’t send him to the ER with a case of food poisoning.”  As she was talking, the oven time went off. 

            “The pot roast,” I said nervously. I pulled open the oven door and a delicious aroma wafted out. “Jesus, this actually looks good,” I said, reaching for the pot holders. I pulled the pan out of the oven and placed it on top of the stove.           

            “It looks delicious. I’m very proud of you and I know Adam will love his romantic dinner for two. What time are Adam and Hank supposed to get home?”  

            “He took Hank to Toddler Tumbler class that ended at 5:00.”  I looked down at my watch and noticed the time. He was due home any minute and I didn’t have the table set. Fuck! 


            “I didn’t say anything,” I said defensively. 

            “You were thinking it!” 

            “Honey, I’m home.”  Adam’s sexy voice, which still gave me goose bumps, echoed throughout the first story of our home.  “Sebastian?” 

            “Dad,” Hank called out in his sweet voice that I loved so much. 

            “I’m in the kitchen with Grammy.”           

            “Grammmmy,” Hank yelled as he launched himself into my mother’s arms.  “I’m staying all night at your house.” 

            “I know, my darling, and I can’t wait to have you allllll to myself.”  My mom aimed that remark in my direction.  Okay, so I had a hard time letting Hank stay overnight places. It was something I needed to work on for all of our sakes. Adam and I could use more alone time together and Hank needed time with his grandparents. 

            “Hi, baby,” Adam said as he entered the kitchen behind Hank. “Mercedes, you didn’t have to cook us dinner before you took Hank with you.  We could have gone out or ordered in.” 

            “I didn’t make this gorgeous pot roast, handsome boy. Sebastian made it for you.” 

            You made this dinner?  Baby, you can’t boil water.” 

            “My mom gave me her recipe and walked me through it.” I walked over and pulled my husband into my arms and gave him a quick kiss on his lips.  “This was my favorite childhood dinner and I wanted to surprise you for Valentine’s Day.”

            “Aw, that is so sweet of you, but totally unnecessary. You know how I feel about those made-up, card company holidays.” Adam hated Valentine’s Day and Sweetest Day with a passion. “You do wonderful and amazing things for me every day.” 

            “You deserve so much more.” 

            “Well, I can see that you no longer need my help tonight, so I’ll just take the Hankster and head home. You’ll call me if there are any updates on Operation Baby Watch.” 

            “You’ll be the first to know, Mercedes,” Adam told her. My mom stood on her tiptoes and kissed his cheek. “Natasha swears it’s going to be any day now.”

            Natasha, our surrogate, was pregnant a second time and not due until the end of the month. Adam and I went with her to her weekly checkup yesterday and our doctor felt like the delivery might be sooner than the her due date. Natasha said the pressure was really intense and felt like it would be any day now.

            “I guess it’s really hard to know for sure. We had quite a few false alarms with the Hankster,” I answered, grinning at the memories.  

            “Well this is her second pregnancy and she will have a better understanding of what is going on with her body,” my mom told us. “Are you suspicious of that sweet woman’s motives for this pregnancy, too, Adam?” 

            Adam was a freaking basket case during Hank’s pregnancy.  He was convinced that Natasha, who’s Jazmyn’s cousin and someone we’d known for years, was setting us up so she could run off with my genius offspring – his words, not mine. He couldn’t make up his mind if she was going to extort millions of dollars or just keep him for herself.  Adam didn’t start out that crazy, but he saw some horrible cable movie about a similar situation and projected it onto us. 

            “What exactly is in this for her, Sebastian?”  He paced the floor in front of my desk. “She doesn’t want any monetary compensation beyond us paying for her medical expenses. Doesn’t that make you suspect? ‘I want to know what it feels like to have a child grow inside me, but I have no desire to be an actual mother.’ I’m not sure I believe her and I think Travers should assign a team to keep an eye on her,” he’d said.

            Adam turned bright red with embarrassment over the memory. “I’m much calmer this time around.” I raised an eyebrow at him. “At least about that.”

            “I wish you guys had found out if you are having boys or girls this time. I would have loved to buy pink or blue clothes, maybe even both!”         

            Adam and I looked at each other and huge grins broke out on our faces. “Twins,” be both said at the same time. 

            “Two babies,” Hank piped in. “Two sissers or two bruvers.” 

            “You could also have one sister and one brother,” I told our adorable son.  He scrunched his face in concentration. He easily understood that Natasha was having two babies, but having one of each gender stumped him for some reasons.  

            “Tasha said I did backfwips and pwayed kickbaw with her bwadder when I was in her tummy,” Hank said proudly. 

            “That you did, Sport.”   

            We welcomed Natasha into our lives so she could watch the life she helped create grow and flourish. In fact, it was at Hank’s second birthday party that Natasha asked if we were ready to do it again. Adam and I had discussed it and we were ready to have another child. It turned out that we were going to have two more children. 

            “Hank, are you ready to go to Grammy’s and stay the night?” 

            “Yes. Yes. Yes.”  He squirmed out of her arms and ran out of the kitchen and into the living room.  He returned to the kitchen dragging his backpack behind him. “Ready, Grammy.” 

            “Aren’t you going to kiss us goodbye, Sport,” I asked him.  He dropped his backpack and launched himself at me.  I squatted down and picked him up, loving the way he wrapped his arms tightly around my neck.           

            “Bye, Dad.  Love you.” 

            “I love you, baby.”  I kissed his cheeks several times and handed him to Adam. 

            “Love you, big guy. Give me kisses.”  Hank kissed Adam several times on the cheek.  

            “Love you, Daddy. See you amorrow.” My mom gave us both hugs and kisses before leaving with Hank, who was skipping beside her and talking a mile a minute. 

            “I still can’t believe we’re having twins,” Adam said. “It took longer with this second pregnancy and I began to worry that there was something wrong with my sperm.  I mean, your swimmers hit a homerun on their first trip to the plate. Mine struck out. Twice.” 

            “Third time is a charm, I guess. I never had any doubts and neither did the doctor.”  I backed him up against the kitchen island and pressed my body against his. “My swimmers produced a single, not a home run. Your sexy lil guys hit a double.”  We had the night to ourselves, and as excited as I was about the babies, I didn’t want to talk about them right then. I tipped Adam’s head back, exposing his throat. “I have a very sexy night planned for us.”  I kissed and nibbled his neck, loving the feel of his pulse beating wildly for me beneath his skin. 


            “Mmm hmm. We are going to eat dinner and then I’m taking you upstairs for a sexy surprise. Are you hungry enough to eat dinner now or do I put the roast back in the oven to keep it warm?” 

            “Sebastian, we have the house to ourselves for the first time in months. What I hunger for is a night of dirty, sweaty sex where we don’t have to worry about our kid hearing us down the hall. I want to moan and yell at the top of my lungs, then claw and bite you while you fuck me stupid.” 

            My dick perked up, more than willing to give Adam whatever he needed from me. Things have been tamer since we became fathers, which was pretty typical. We still enjoyed a lot of sex, sometimes more than once a day, but it was quicker and quieter than what we preferred. Lately, I’d been craving that wild and physical sex he just described. I grabbed his hand and we practically sprinted to our suite, so eager to be alone together. 

            “Oh my God. Sebastian,” Adam said when opened our door. He stood just inside the doorway and looked around the room. Vanilla and lavender scented candles were set on every hard surface, the glow and the aroma setting a romantic atmosphere. A trail of pink, red and white rose petals led a path to our bed. In the center of the bed sat a silver tray with gourmet chocolates, berries with creamy dipping sauce, an ice bucket with a bottle of champagne, and two flutes. “It’s so beautiful.” 

            “It’s not too cheesy?”  

            He turned to me and threw his arms around me. “It’s absolutely perfect and I love it.” 

            “I love you, Adam.” 

            “Would it kill the moment if I asked you to fuck me now?” His green eyes were lit up with mischief and lust.     

            “Are you ready for your sexy surprise?”  He nodded eagerly so I went to our walk-in closet to get it.  I returned holding two red cords. Lust flared in his green eyes when he saw what I had in my hands. 

            “Oh baby,” he said and started to get undressed. “It’s been a while since you’ve tied me up.” 

            “Wait,” I said firmly. Adam stopped suddenly and looked at me curiously. “I want you to tie me up and fuck me.”

Chapter Two


            Nothing would have surprised more than what he said. There was nothing that frightened him more than being bound and vulnerable, except for losing me or Hank. Being tied down and fucked is something he hasn’t allowed since… 

            “Adam, look at me.”  I snapped my eyes away from the silky ropes and looked into his eyes.  I didn’t see any fear or hesitation in his eyes, only complete trust.  “I need this for my healing to be complete. I have faced every one of my demons, except for this last one.  Will you help me?” 

            “Of course, I will.”  I was so fucking scared, though.  What if I did or said the wrong thing and I caused him more harm than good?  Was this really something I should be doing for him? “I will do this for you if you are certain it’s what you want.” 


            “Okay, need.”   

            “One condition,” he stated solemnly.  “I don’t…I can’t be blindfolded,” he said after I nodded for him to continue.  “Not yet, anyway.” 

            “Whatever you need, baby. You’ll have to guide me, because I don’t know what I’m doing here.  I know nothing about bondage or even tying knots, really.”  I reached out and lightly stroked my hand over the cord of red, silky threads. My breathing and heartrate kicked up a notch in anticipation over an image of Sebastian tied down and spread wide for me. “Where do we start?”  

            “How about we start by taking off our clothes,” Sebastian replied with a devilish smile. He placed his hands on the bottom of my sweater and slowly lifted it over my head and tossed it aside.  His eyes immediately went to the tattoo I wore for him over my heart.  His fingers traced the words Only You and our wedding date that was inked below. “This is still my favorite gift I’ve ever received.” 

            “It’s true, Sebastian. I’m yours and only yours.”  We removed one another’s clothes in between soft kisses and lingering touches. “Now what?” He handed me the silky cords.  

            Sebastian removed the silver tray of goodies from our bed and placed it on our dresser. He climbed into the center of our bed, laid on his back, and then raised his arms above his head.  “Come closer,” he said huskily. By now my heart was racing and I had to remind myself to breathe. I walked on unsteady legs to the side of our bed. “Closer still.” I climbed on the bed and kneeled beside him. Sebastian demonstrated the proper knot tying technique.  My hands shook so bad it took me several tries before I got it right. Sebastian placed a calming hand on my bare thigh. “It’s alright, baby. Take your time.” 

            I secured one of his bound arms to the bed post, but stopped to assess him before I bound his other arm. “You still with me, love?”  He nodded and smiled at me, but it didn’t reach his eyes. “Are you ready?”  Again he only nodded. I secured his other arm before I lost my courage. I kneeled back beside him and looked at his face.  His eyes were squeezed shut, his lips trembled, and I could see his throat working to swallow down his fear.  “Eyes on me, Sebastian.” I’m not sure where I got the insight to take firm command, but I was grateful that I did when his eyes opened and met mine. I saw panic and fear briefly in his beautiful hazel eyes, but then they receded. “Stay with me, baby. I will never, ever hurt you.” 

            “Kiss me, Adam.” He was the strongest man I’d ever known. He needed me to be strong for him and replace those horrible memories with good ones. He was trusting me to help him heal and I wasn’t going to let him down. 

            I eased my body on top of his and Sebastian spread his legs to make room for me. “You are the most amazing man and I love you so much.” I pressed my lips softly against his, then I kissed his nose and eyelids before returning to his lips. I made love to his mouth, slowly and completely before moving lower. I nipped that strong, stubborn chin and kissed a path down his neck, knowing that is such an erogenous zone for him. I could feel the tension fading slightly as my lips worshiped his flesh.            

            “Adam.” He cried softly when I sucked his tender skin between my lips just how he liked.  

            I kept my hands on his body, lovingly caressing him as I kissed my way down his chest and abdomen. I felt his muscles bunch when I stuck my tongue inside his navel. I glanced up at him and saw that lust was winning out over fear, so I continued downward until I was laying between his legs with my nose resting against pelvis. It was where his scent was the strongest and I loved to breathe him deep into my lungs. Sebastian’s natural scent was better than anything you could buy in a bottle. 

            Normally by this point, he’d have his hands tangled in my hair urging me to suck his cock, but not this time. I missed his hands in my hair, but I did like having control over how I worshiped him. I kept my eyes on his the entire time I nibbled a path to his erection. I skimmed my tongue across his hard flesh and continued to nibble the other side until I reached his hip bone. 

            “Adam.” His rough voice was a plea.  

            I grinned wickedly when I placed my tongue at the base of his cock and slowly licked upwards until I reached the crown. I swirled my tongue around the tip, capturing the clear drop of pre-cum on my tongue. “I love the taste of you on my tongue, Sebastian.”  His only response was a groan. The look in his eyes promised retribution and I couldn’t wait for his special brand of punishment.  

            Sebastian’s dick twitched and jumped beneath my lips when I kissed my way back down the hard length of his cock.  “Fuck,” he yelled when I sucked one of his smooth, firm balls into my mouth. I’d learned over the years just how much he loved it when I sucked on his balls and taint.  “God, you do that so well.” 

            “Thank you.” 

            “More, Adam.” He moved his hips in an attempt to get me where he wanted me. 

            “Hmm mmm.” I took my time licking and sucking the other firm globe before moving beneath to his taint. I placed my hands firmly on Sebastian’s hips, pinning him to the bed. I scrutinized him closely to see if I had pushed him too far, but all I saw staring back at me was raw need. The power and control he gave me went straight to my dick, urging me to mount him and claim him, but that wasn’t what he needed from me.  

            I stroked his steel-hard length, using his pre-cum as lubricant. It always drove him wild and I pressed my free hand hard against his pelvis to hold him still.  

            “Adam,” he growled.  

            “Relax, baby, because I’m just getting started on loving you.” I’ve topped Sebastian many times, but even then he was always in control. I wanted…needed for it to be about more than sex, or even healing old wounds.  I needed Sebastian to know that he didn’t always have to be in control, couldn’t possibly always be the one in control.  There were still times that he retreated inside himself when he felt his control slipping away and it wasn’t healthy. “I promise to make you feel so good.” 

            I decided to take a little pity on him and sucked his hard length into my mouth. He tried to drive his dick further in my mouth, so I placed my forearms against his thighs and held him down. I maintained eye contact with him and sucked him into my throat, swallowing around his dripping head. I watched as he yanked on his arm restraints and thrashed his head from side to side. Those sexy moans coming from his sweet lips were from intense pleasure, not distress.  

            “Please.” Sebastian never begged and I almost gave in. Almost. 

            I continued my sensual torture of long, slow licks followed by sucking him into my throat. I kept changing the tempo from fast and hard to soft and slow, keeping him on edge. I loved every sound he made, the way his excitement burst onto my tongue, and the way his eyes lost their focus from the sexual high I was giving him. He was ready to come, he was one more lick or deep pull of my mouth away, so I pulled back.  

            “Adam,” My name was growled between those sexy lips. His eyes were on fire for me and his body trembled with need.  

            I left him long enough to get the lubricant out of the bedside table then I crawled up and laid on top of his splayed body, loving the feel of skin on skin contact. Of all the small sacrifices we made when we became parents, sleeping in the nude was the one I missed the most. My emotions were too strong for words, so I showed Sebastian how I felt with my kiss. Every breath I took was mingled with his, every sigh and moan was given right back to me. The lust and need we were feeling was so tangible I could taste it.  

            I made quick work of lubricating my dick, but took my sweet time opening Sebastian to receive me. I teased him with one finger before adding a second, and then gently crooked them up to hit that sweet spot. I felt sweat popping out all over my body as I stretched his tight, hot channel and tested both of our patience. When I knew neither of us could stand it any longer, I placed the head of my dick at his tight entrance. 

            “Adam.” He looked unsure and I had to be certain he was okay before I would take this any further. “I need you.” I had my answer. 

            “You were my first, Sebastian, and you will forever be my only.” My emotions bubbled over and I felt tears sliding down my cheeks as I slowly entered his body. The need to spill my feelings for him overcame me and was stronger than the need to release inside his hot body. “I need you and want you more and more every day.”  I held myself deep inside him, allowing his body to adjust. “I am so proud to be your husband.” I lowered my forehead until it rested against his and began to slowly rock my hips. Sebastian wrapped his long, muscular legs around me and dug his heels in my ass. 

            “God, you feel so good, Adam.” 

            Our gazes held as I lazily made love to my husband. Every nerve ending in my body came alive, threatening to short circuit my brain from the pleasure. Needing a closer connection, I placed my hands over his bound ones and laced our fingers together. I’d rather have his arms wrapped around me, but that wasn’t what he asked me to do for him. Sebastian moved his legs from my hips to my waist, raising his ass in the air a little to change the angle of my penetration.  

            “More,” he pleaded with me. “Harder.” He raised his hips to meet my downward thrusts, urging me to unleash myself on him. I loved to fuck him wildly, but not that night.           

            “Not, yet.”  

            Sebastian raised his head off his pillow and bit my bottom lip hard. “Fuck me, Adam.”  

            I wouldn’t let him goad me. I kissed his face, nibbled his ear, and whispered dirty words into his ear. I kept my pace slow and torturous, loving the feel of his tight ass squeezing every hard inch of my dick. My body shook with the need to drive into him over and over, chasing my orgasm, but I paid no heed.  

            “You’re shaking all over, baby.  You want to fuck me so hard, don’t you? I can feel it vibrating through your body. Fuck me, Adam. Own me.” And then the hunter became the prey, or so he thought. I reminded myself that I was in control. I set the pace and was solely responsible for both of our pleasure. It was an intoxicating feeling to be given this much power over his pleasure.  

            I pulled back until just the head of my dick remained inside him. I hit him with a diabolical smile right before I slammed into him as hard as I could. His back arched off the bed and his arms pulled at his restraints. He yelled my name so loud it echoed throughout our bedroom. “You can be as loud as you want tonight, love,” I reminded him. The evil grin remained on my face as I pulled my hips back one slow inch at a time.  

            “Evil,” Sebastian said. “You can’t keep me tied to this bed forever.” 

            “Hmmm. We’ll see,” I replied right before I pounded into him, nailing his happy button perfectly.  

            “Fuck, Adam.”   

            I nailed that spot several more times, fast and hard, before I switched back to a gentle pace. My orgasm was right there, simmering below the surface and waiting to explode through me. I didn’t want to come without him, though. I untangled my hands from Sebastian’s, braced myself above him with one hand and began to jack his cock with the other. Sebastian’s eyes rolled back in his hands. He was so excited and wet with pre-cum that I didn’t need to add any lubricant to aid me. 

            “Go hard, Adam.” He raised his knees up until they were almost touching his chest.  I looked between our bodies and watched my cock glide in and out of his ass. “Do you like what you see, baby? Are you going to fill me up?” 

            “Damn you, Sebastian.” I snapped my hips hard against his ass, nearly out of my mind with the need to come so bad.  

            “So close, Adam.  Don’t stop.” I powered into him, giving Sebastian what he wanted. He arched his head back into his pillow. “Adam.”  Sebastian’s ass tightened almost painfully around my cock, signaling he was coming just seconds before his hot release splashed all over his stomach.  His orgasm was so intense that his mouth opened, but no sound came out. I watched the orgasm convulse through him and then I untied his hands. 

            “I want your hands on me when I lose myself inside you, Sebastian.”  He wrapped his arms around me and held tight while I fucked him furiously.  

            “That’s it, babe. Come for me.” 

            And I did.  It felt like someone placed a live wire against my sac, shooting electricity though my body as I exploded into a billion pieces. I felt like I would have floated away if not for Sebastian’s strong arms anchoring me to him. “That was…” 

            “Amazing, Adam. You’re so sexy when you’re in charge.” 

            I had collapsed against him like a weak kitten after my orgasm finally faded. “I probably looked like I was being electrocuted, because it felt like someone hit my balls with stun gun.” 

            “It was beautiful.” Sebastian stroked his hands up and down my back in a soothing manner. I was on the verge of falling asleep when a sound penetrated my foggy brain. 

            “Holy fuck,” I said and rose above him.  

            “It was pretty inspirational, babe, but I’m not sure I’d call it a holy fuck.” I pulled my dick slowly out of Sebastian, careful not to hurt him.  The sound got louder and louder, just as I programmed it. “Is that the theme song from Mission Impossible?  Where the hell is it coming from?” 

            I untangled myself from my confused husband and hopped off my bed.  Too bad, I was still love drunk from the feel of Sebastian’s tight ass. I tripped over my feet and face-planted on the floor. 

            “Adam?”  Sebastian’s voice held concern for me, but mostly he wanted to laugh his ass off at my clumsiness.  

            My jeans were in reach, so I fished my cellphone out of my pocket and answered it before it could go to voice mail.  “Natasha,” I panted into the phone, “is it time?”

Chapter Three


            “Her water broke,” Adam said to me and quickly turned back to Natasha. “Are you having any contractions?”  He jumped up off the floor and started to pick up his clothes. 

            My heart was pounding in my chest as I hauled ass to the bathroom to clean up so I could get dressed. Witnessing the birth of our child was the most exciting, but nerve-wracking experience.  I felt so scared and helpless when Hank was born. We coached and supported Natasha the best we could, but it was terrible to see her in so much pain and not being able to help in any way.  

            “We’re on our way, sweetie,” Adam said soothingly before hanging up the phone. “The babies are coming. The babies are coming,” he said to me. I had hoped that Adam would be calmer this time around, but nope.  He had that panicked, unfocused look in his eyes just like the first time.  

            “Babe, we’ve been through this with Hank.  Take a few cleansing breaths and then we can get ready to leave.  I will call Hanson and have him get the car ready to take us to the hospital.  You grab the baby bag and we’ll be all set.” 

            “Fuck, I haven’t packed the bag, yet.  I’m a shitty father.” 

            I pulled Adam tight against my chest and wrapped my arms around him. This man, who had always been the voice of reason, totally lost it during childbirth.  The nurse actually hooked him up to the oxygen mask that was situated above Natasha’s bed in case she needed it. Adam hyperventilated so badly that his face became numb and his hands began to tingle. The patient nurse kindly set him in the chair and hooked the mask to his face.  She talked him through his near panic attack and got him to calm down. 

            “You’re an amazing father who is raising one child, while trying to redecorate the nursery for two new babies and give Hank a wonderful big brother room.”  I kissed him softly and then pulled back. “The babies don’t need you to pack much, babe. Just put a few things together for them and I will call our folks and send a group text to our friends.  Okay?” 

            “Yeah, sure.”  He looked slightly calmer.   

            We quickly got dressed then went our separate ways to complete our tasks.  I got done first and Adam still wasn’t downstairs, so I went up to the nursery to find him.  I hadn’t been inside the nursery for a few weeks and was stunned to find how much Adam was able to accomplish in that timespan, then it occurred to me that I was seeing a whole lot of pink in the room. 

            “Why is our nursery pink?”  Adam gasped and spun around from the dresser where he was placing tiny pink outfits in brown and pink striped diaper bag. “We’re having little girls?”  My heart squeezed in my chest and I suddenly found it hard to breathe. Wait, how did he know? 

            “One of the nurses let it slip during one of the office visits,” he said, reading my mind. “It was when you were in Japan last month.  The nurse referred to them as girls after looking in Natasha’s chart.” 

            “You didn’t tell me?”  Ouch, that hurt. 

            “Baby, you said you didn’t want to know.  I didn’t want to ruin the surprise for you.”  He looked around the obviously feminine space.  “Okay, so I gambled you wouldn’t come in here until they were born.”  He came to me and wrapped his arms around my waist.  “Please don’t be mad at me for not telling you.  I thought it was what you wanted.”  He was right, I didn’t want to know their gender until they were born. “It wasn’t deliberate and I’d never willing hurt your feelings.” 

            “Ssh.”  I kissed his lips to quiet him. “I’m not mad at you.  I’m just surprised.” I swatted him on his ass. “Let’s get going, babe.”  I helped Adam finish packing the bag, my heart swelling up with every tiny, pink item I touched until I feared it would explode. “Ambrosia and Abigail,” I said their names out loud. “We’ll be bringing home two little girls in just a few days.” 

            “It’s amazing, right?”  He nearly blinded me with his megawatt smile. “Ready?” He reached out and took my hand and we calmly made our way to the parking garage where Hanson was waiting for us. “I’m not going to spaz this time,” Adam said with a sweet smile.  

            “Yes you will, but I find it completely adorable.” 

            We rode in silence to the hospital, holding hands and silently praying for an easy labor for Natasha and the safe arrival of Ambrosia and Abigail. I could see Adam’s demeanor change the second we walked through the hospital’s automatic doors. Natasha had sent me a text to let me know the room number and we headed straight to labor and delivery. 

            “Natasha, how are you feeling,” Adam said as he burst through the door, startling Natasha and her nurse. “Have your contractions started, yet?  Are you in any pain?” 

            “You must be Adam,” the nurse said with an ornery smile on her face.  “I’ve already been warned about you.”  She held two fingers up to her eyes and then pointed them at Adam.  “I’ll have my eyes on you.” 

            “Yes ma’am,” Adam said sweetly.  He calmly walked to the side of Natasha’s bed. She was hooked up to the fetal monitor and we could hear Ambrosia and Abigail’s hearts beating steadily. “Music to my ears,” Adam said to Natasha. “Seriously, are you feeling okay?” 

            “You’re so sweet,” she told Adam, ruffling his hair. “You,” she said to me, “might have to get tough and use your badass CEO voice when it comes time to push.” 

            “I’m on it.”  I crossed my heart, which made her smile. “Is there anything we can do for you?” 

            “Not really,” she said shrugging.  “My water broke, but labor hasn’t started, yet.  The nurse did a quick exam and said I’m only at two centimeters.  I think these girls are going to be more stubborn than Hank.”  She slapped her hands over her mouth as soon as she realized what she let slip. Her bulging eyes reminded me of a cartoon character. “Oops,” came her muffled cry behind her hand. 

            “He knows,” Adam said and patted her on the leg.  “He came into the nursery and saw the pink explosion.”  He grinned sheepishly. 

            “It looks beautiful,” I told him and kissed his temple. “You did an amazing job.” 

            “I forgot to introduce myself to you gents earlier,” said the nurse as she returned to the room.  “My name is Marcy and I will be your labor and delivery nurse.”  She turned to Natasha and said, “I’ve spoken with Dr. Halpin and updated him.  He said he would like to wait a little bit to see if you progress into labor on your own, and if not, we will start inducing labor. For now, I think it’s really important that you get some rest.”  She looked back at us and smiled kindly.  “I know you are both so excited about the birth of your babies, but right now Natasha needs to turn down the lights and rest as long as she can.” 

            I could tell that Adam didn’t like that idea one bit, but I thought Marcy was right. I remembered from last time that Natasha was going to need her strength for that final phase of labor.  She wasn’t in any pain just then and there wasn’t anything Adam or I could do for her, unless she wanted us to stay and keep her company. 

            “I’ll be fine,” she told us.  “I’m going to turn down the lights and just rest while I can. Marcy will come get you if something changes, won’t you?” 

            “Absolutely,” she assured us. 

            “Come on, love,” I said to Adam.  I wrapped my arm around his elbow and guided him from the room. “Everything will be fine.  Let’s go watch some crappy television and drink motor oil disguised as coffee.”  Adam wrapped his arm around my waist and we walked to the L&D family waiting room, where we found our mothers already waiting.  

            “Hank is with Edward and Lilyana,” Adam’s mother, Beatrice, said when she saw us.  “He’s in very good hands.” I knew that Adam’s father and my sister were the perfect pair to keep Hank company while we waited for his sisters to arrive. 

            “Thanks for being here,” I said to my mom. No matter how many years passed without her in my life, no matter how bitter I was toward her once, I couldn’t imagine going through this without her support. She used to read me the most amazing bed time stories of adventure and exploration when I was a child, and it’s because of her that I went on to develop software and technology.  

            “I wouldn’t be anywhere else, my beautiful boy.”  She reached up and stroked my hair off my forehead like she used to when I was a little boy.  

            “I can’t wait for you and Bea to meet Ambrosia and Abigail,” I said casually. 



            “When did you find out?” 

            “I can’t believe you didn’t tell us!”

            They both talked on top of each other, making it impossible to know who asked which question. Adam interjected and explained to them what had happened and why he kept it to himself, which seemed to appease them a little. 

            “What’s with all the squealing and carrying on,” said a voice from behind me. “Are the babies here already?” I turned and found my brother, Wesley, standing behind me. “Did I miss it?” It was fucking scary how much he looked like me. It was like I was looking at a younger version of myself. 

            I crooked my arm around his neck and pulled him in for a quick hug. “Nah, the party is just getting started.” 


            Wesley had missed Hank’s birth, because things were still strained between us at the time. I always thought that being thrown out of a family was the worst thing that could happen to a child, but looking at what Wesley endured made me re-evaluate my feelings. Wesley grew up in a house where his oldest brother was discarded like yesterday’s trash due to his sexuality. He had to listen to my father rage about my immoral lifestyle and my certain path to hell, all the while knowing that he was gay, too.  

            When our family reconnected, he was resentful and belligerent towards me. He’d already started to self-medicate himself with drugs and alcohol and my reappearance only made things worse. His careless ways nearly killed him when he overdosed at a party a few years ago. My family is thankful every day that Becca Mason showed up when she did and found him seizing on the floor. If not for her, I never would’ve gotten to rediscover my wonderful kid brother. Becca and Wes formed a tightly bound friendship afterward, similar to the one Adam shares with Caroline. 

            “They just learned that they’re getting two granddaughters and they’re a little excited.” 

            “Girls? That’s so awesome.” 

            “Ambrosia and Abigail after their great grandmothers,” Adam added.  He gave Wes a tight hug.  “I’m glad you came, but you realize it’s going to be a very long night, right?” 

            Truer words were never spoken. Natasha’s labor was induced and things were moving along at a fair pace and then suddenly came to a halt. She was in extreme pain, not even the epidural helped. Thankfully, Natasha and the girls’ vitals stayed strong throughout the ordeal. Dr. Halpin did an exam and then brought in the ultrasound equipment.  

            “Well, it looks like we are going to have to deliver by C-section,” he informed us. “The girls are not positioning themselves for delivery. It looks like they’re both trying to come out first.” 

            “Oh great, they’re already fighting and they’re not even born, yet,” Adam said. He was trying to cover up his fear with jokes.  I hugged him tightly and told him everything would be okay.  

            While Natasha was being prepped for surgery, Adam and I let our families know what was going on. When we got back to Natasha’s room, Adam and I had to put on scrubs, booties, and hairnets so we could be with her when the babies were born. 

            Adam and I took our positions by Natasha’s head, sitting on either side of her bed. We both held her hands to offer her comfort when her lips started to tremble and tears slid down her face. God, I hated feeling helpless. 

            “It’s going to be okay,” I told her soothingly. “You’re going to be just fine and so will the little ladies. 

            “I know” she said in a tearful voice. “It’s just that…I think I want to keep one of the girls after all this trouble and now a scar.” 

            “What?”  Adam’s eyes were bulging out of his head. He turned white as a ghost and I feared he might faint from shock. It’s not that I wasn’t scared too, but… 

            “I mean, you already have the Hankster and it’s kind of greedy of you to want both of the girls.”  I saw her lips twitch into an impish smile.  

            “You can’t be serious,” Adam demanded.  He looked at me. “What did I tell you, Sebastian?” 

            At this point, Natasha burst into laughter.  “Gotcha,” she said to Adam.”  She giggled for several seconds while Adam finally registered that she was winding him up. “Oh my God,” she said between laughs, “you should…you should see your face.” 

            “Hardy har har,” Adam replied snappily.  “That was not funny, brat.” He looked at me then. “Did you tell her I was a freak during Hank’s pregnancy?” 

            “No,” Natasha interjected before I could answer, “he didn’t have to.  You kept watching me like I was going to snatch the baby and run. Oh Adam, you’re a trip.”  She giggled again and then gasped loudly. “Oh my.”   

            “You’re going to feel a lot of pressure,” Dr. Halpin told her. 

            “Yeah, no fucking kidding,” she snapped at him. The good-natured doctor only chuckled.  

            “Here comes baby girl number one,” he said. We couldn’t see anything around that curtain thing they set up over Natasha’s belly. Seconds later we heard the faint sound of our daughter’s cry. 

            “Ambrosia,” Adam said. Tears were running down his face. 

            “Ten finger, ten toes, and a head full of dark hair,” Marcy said. My hands twitched with the need to hold our daughter, but I knew they had to examine her.           

            “And, baby girl number two,” the doctor said, which was followed by another soft cry. 

            “Abigail,” I said, knowing I was crying just as hard as Adam. 

            “Ten fingers, ten toes, and a head full of blonde hair,” said the other nurse who was assisting. 

            It felt like eternity before the nurses placed a pink bundle in each of our arms. We held the babies up for Natasha to see. We cooed and fussed over their hair, their toes, and their tiny little fingers. I was so in love with our daughters and I knew I was seriously screwed now. It was hard enough to say no to Adam and Hank, but I had a feeling these two beauties would have me wrapped around their fingers in no time at all, especially if they end up with their daddy’s green eyes. 

            I looked over at my husband, who sat staring down at his little miracle and kissing her tiny fist. He looked up at me and gave me the smile that made everything better. There were no more dark days and cold, lonely nights. Instead, my world was filled with laughter, happiness, and a love so pure it never failed to amaze me. I had no more bitterness in my heart, only joy and love for my family and friends.  Moments like these with Adam restored my faith and gave me hope. 

            “Thank you, Adam.” He knew I meant more than just our beautiful daughters. 

            “Excuse me,” Marcy said. “I’m sorry to intrude at such a beautiful moment, but your mothers are creating quite a ruckus out in the waiting room. We’re having a hard time holding them back. We better get those babies to the nursery so they can see them before the grandmas come looking for them.” 

            Natasha, who had drifted to sleep, woke up when the nurse spoke. She started laughing softly.  “You think I should tell them I want to keep one of the babies?” 

            “No,” Adam and I said in unison.  

            “You guys come with me,” Marcy said.  “We’ll wheel the babies over to the nursery in their bassinettes.” Adam and I kissed Natasha on her forehead and told her we’d see her after she had a chance to rest.   

            We placed our babies in the plastic bassinettes and pushed them down the hallway behind Marcy. Once we got inside the nursery, we could hear the grandmas sobbing and carrying on through the glass. I looked up and saw that almost everyone we love was present to share this moment with us. We picked up our daughters and carried them over to the window so they could get a better look. 

            Caroline and Jaz smiled and gave us a thumbs up. Wesley grinned from ear to ear when he saw his tiny nieces. Lilyana was holding our beautiful Hank, who was clapping his little hands. Edward had his arms around Bea and they looked at their newest grandbabies with tears of love running down their faces. Finally, I looked into my mom’s eyes and saw such radiant joy. She blew me a kiss as tears streamed down her lovely face. 

            “We are so lucky,” I told my husband.           

            “Yes we are, babe. Yes we are.” 

The End

© Aimee Nicole Walker 2015

I hope you enjoyed this short story and are looking forward to the release of Always You on June 14, 2016. Preorder links are live on all Amazon sites.

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