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Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Zero Divergene is Live!!

The final book in the best-selling Zero Hour series is here!
Zero Divergence, noun: no deviation from a course or standard.

After a key piece of evidence goes missing, a suspected serial rapist and killer evades prosecution. More than Royce Locke’s reputation is on the line when his investigation into the failed chain of custody suggests Franco Humphries might’ve had inside help. There’s no one Royce trusts more than Sawyer Key to help him right a wrong and uncover the traitor in their midst, but can they do it before the Savannah Strangler strikes again?

Relentless plus fearless equals flawless. Sawyer and Royce have come full circle—from hostile strangers to best friends and lovers. Neither a sniper’s bullet nor an arsonist’s fire could keep them apart, but what about a psychopath hell-bent on revenge? The stakes are high, and there’s no turning back now because the zero hour is upon them. Tick tock.

Zero Divergence is the conclusion to the best-selling Zero Hour series, which follows Locke and Key’s investigations and evolving relationship. This is a series you MUST read in order. It contains mature language and sexual content intended for adults 18 and older.

Trigger warning: Part of the storyline involves coming to terms with a friend’s suicide, which may be difficult for some people to read.

Zero Hour Between the Books Bonus Scene:

*If you haven't read Devil's Hour, you will want to skip this bonus scene since it picks up where the book left off. Also, this is an unedited, fun piece for my subscribers.

Sawyer fought his way through the lingering side effects from the heavy dose of pain meds the nurses had given him after cleaning his wounds and removing the dead skin. Just remembering the agony made him sick to his stomach. Or was it hunger? Had hours passed since he’d eaten lunch or days? Sawyer, a devout control freak, hated losing vast chunks of time in a drug-induced sleep, but he understood how necessary it was for his healing process. The quicker he got better, the faster he would go home. He repeated the mantra to himself on an endless loop.

His hospital door opened slowly, and he imagined Royce or his mother ducking their head inside to check on him. The nurses didn’t hesitate to enter his room because they had a job to do, but his mom and Royce might leave to avoid waking him. Sawyer didn’t want to be alone with his thoughts; he didn’t want to spend all his waking moments remembering what it was like in the inferno.

“I’m awake,” he said, even though his eyelids felt too heavy to fully open.

He recognized his visitor’s tread before his favorite scents tingled his nose. The combination of Royce’s body wash and preferred laundry detergent combined to paint an image of clothes hanging on a line to dry at the beach. God, he couldn’t wait to feel the warmth of the sun on his face again.

“You don’t look like your awake,” Royce whispered. “How’s my favorite asshole?”

The tenderness in Royce’s voice made tears pool behind Sawyer’s closed eyelids, but they made it easier for him to open his eyes and look up at Royce. “I bet you say that to all the assholes.” Sawyer hated the dry, scratchy sound of his voice. The smoke inhalation had ravaged his throat, but the doctors and nurses assured him it was temporary.

“You know damn well I don’t,” Royce countered. “Rough afternoon?”

He hated seeing the worry in Royce’s gray eyes, so he lied. “Nah. It’s getting easier.”

Royce rolled his eyes but dropped down in the seat next to Sawyer’s bed instead of calling him out on his bullshit. “You know what I realized last night when I was lying awake missing you?”

Sawyer swallowed hard. God, he missed sleeping beside Royce too. It had only taken weeks for him to become addicted to reaching out and touching Royce’s bare skin while he slept, assuring himself he hadn’t dreamed Royce’s appearance in his life. This man who rushed into a burning building to save him. Sawyer closed his eyes again to prevent the tears from spilling down his face. A snarky comeback eluded him, so Sawyer reopened his eyes and asked, “What did you realize, dickhead?”

“We’ve never gone out on a real date,” Royce replied. “Work keeps getting in the way.”

“Not to mention the bullet you took to the shoulder and my attempt to play the human torch,” Sawyer quipped.

“Yes, that too.”

“We’ll make it a priority to go on our first date once I recover,” Sawyer said, looking forward to it already.

Royce nodded. “That’s what I thought too, but then I had an epiphany on the way over. We both know how precious and unpredictable life is, and we shouldn’t postpone doing important things.”

“Oh good,” Sawyer said. “I’m so relieved you feel that way. I’m going to need you to reach under this blanket and jerk me off since my hands are bandaged. My balls must weigh five pounds each right now.”

Royce chuckled and shook his head. “No way. Too many bandages on your abdomen and chest. I won’t risk you getting an infection.”

“Put a condom on me then,” Sawyer said.

“I no longer carry around condoms since we don’t use them, GB.”
“Use your mouth,” he countered. “Yeah, it’s even better than your hand.”

Royce doubled over laughing. “Here I am trying to be romantic, and all you can think about is your dick. Would it help you feel better if I told I’ve abstained too?”

Sawyer’s body tensed all over. “You fucking better be abstaining from sex.”

“I was talking about masturbation, asshole.”

 “Oh,” Sawyer said, relaxing against the uncomfortable hospital bed. “Yeah, it helps a little.”


 “If you aren’t going to jerk me off, what’s your big idea?” Sawyer asked.

Royce lifted a bag off the floor. “The nurses gave me a list of things I could bring in so we could have a date night here in your hospital room. They said I could even spend the night just this once. I can’t climb into the bed with you, but I’ll still be by your side.”

“That’s so sweet,” Sawyer said.
“I have my moments,” Royce said. “You’re very limited to what you can eat since your hands are bandaged, so I brought in finger foods.”

Sawyer smiled. “You’re going to feed me?”
Royce nodded. “I am.” He reached inside the bag and pulled out a can of squirty cheese followed by a pack of crackers.”
Sawyer groaned. “Really, dickhead?”
“Hey, I’m classing it up with these,” Royce said, pulling out a bag of pepperonis.

Sawyer’s lips twitched. “You should try out for Iron Chef America.”

“I have no idea what that is,” Royce said, “but I don’t appreciate the sarcasm I hear in your voice.”

 “Sorry,” Sawyer replied. He wasn’t. “What else is in the bag?”

  Royce pulled out a package of shrimp cocktail, lime gelatin, a container of mixed fruit and berries, and a can of whipped cream for a nice finishing touch. “A veritable feast,” he said proudly.
“It’s the most thoughtful thing anyone has ever done for me.” Sawyer wished he could touch Royce’s face, trace his finger over his lips, and kiss him until there wasn’t breath left in his body. “I love it, and I love you.”
“I love you too, baby,” Royce said tenderly. A wicked grin spread across his face. “I saved the best surprise for last.” He pulled out Sawyer’s tablet. “Did you know there’s such a thing as bird TV on YouTube?”
Sawyer just blinked at him. “You think I want to watch bird TV on my iPad?”

“No,” Royce said, dragging the word. “I thought you might want to watch the videos I made of Bones watching bird TV.”
“I miss my boy so much,” Sawyer said. “How is he?”

“Missing you like crazy, but the birds seem to help him with his separation anxiety.”

“I can’t wait to watch the videos. Thank you for taking such good care of my boy and me,” Sawyer told him.
“You’re both mine now,” Royce said tenderly. “Feeling hungry?”
“Starving,” he replied. “Don’t you dare make airplane noises like you’re feeding a toddler either.”

Royce gasped and covered his heart. “I would never…” He absolutely would.

Sawyer was so hungry, even the squirty cheese and pepperonis on crackers tasted terrific. It didn’t take him long to feel full, so Royce packed everything away before turning on the tablet for Sawyer.
Sawyer felt the sharpest pang when he saw Royce’s long legs stretched out in their bed and Bones sitting by his feet. He’d give anything to be home with them already. In the video, a fat yellow bird came into view on the television when it landed on the rim of a birdbath. Bones went on high alert, his body tensing as he watched the bird hop along the edge before jumping into the water. He remained as still as a statue as the chunky bird flapped its wings and splashed around. A second and third bird joined the first and began frolicking around the water too. Bones stood up and took a few steps until he perched on the edge of the bed and looked like he was prepared to leap on the birds. On the screen, the three birds merged into a cluster of flapping wings and singing.
“Oh my god,” Sawyer said, narrowing his eyes. “Are two of those birds mating?”
“Um, I don’t know,” Royce said. “I thought they were just bathing together.”

“Those birds are mating,” Sawyer said.

Royce started laughing as the chirping and singing got louder on the screen. “Is that why they’re making so much racket? Look how indignant the third bird looks. Three’s a crowd, pal.”
The commotion was too much for Bones to resist. He leaped on to the dressed and started pawing at the television. Both Royce’s, the one in the video and the one beside Sawyer, laughed their asses off at the confused look on Bones’s face when he couldn’t reach through the screen and nab a bird.

“You got my cat addicted to bird porn!” Sawyer accused.

Royce only laughed harder. “There are more videos besides the bird frolicking in the birdbath.”  He picked up the tablet and went to the next video he’d recorded. “Oh,” he said when it looked like the four birds hopping along the fallen tree began to engage in an orgy. “I’m sure it’s not all bird porn. See,” he said, pointing to the single Blue Jay bouncing between branches in a tree. “Nothing indecent here.”

Sawyer laughed hard enough to shake his entire body, which hurt like hell but also made him feel alive for the first time in days. “This is the best date ever.”

“Until we can do it properly once we spring you from this place,” Royce countered.

“No way it will mean as much as the effort you put into this one.”

Royce snorted. “God, I hope I can do better than processed foods and bird porn.”

“I love you, dickhead,” Sawyer said, feeling sleeping again.

“I love you too, asshole.” Royce turned off the video and tucked the blankets around Sawyer’s chest. “Dream about me, GB. I’ll be right here beside you.”


And he did. For once, his dreams weren’t filled with fear, smoke, and panic. He dreamt of cuddling in bed with Royce while Bones watched his beloved bird porn. That was the real gift Royce had given him. It wasn’t the food or entertainment; it was peace of mind. He had a long way to go in his recovery, but he would get there with Royce and Bones kitty by his side.

Audiobook News: 
The Zero Hour series will be available in audio soon thanks to Tantor Audio. The first two books will release in April, and I'll announce the third book as soon as they release the date.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for taking this wild and wonderful ride with me.




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