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Friday, November 9, 2018


Broken Halos, the first book in the Queen City Rogues series is now live!

Oliver Knight’s past is shrouded by sorrow and tragedy, but instead of hiding from it, Ollie owns his truth and uses his experiences to uplift others. As an out and proud pastor, he provides a safe place for LGBTQ Christians to gather and worship, and as a recovering addict, he counsels those pursuing sobriety. Ollie’s life is fulfilling but also a little lonely. He may not have a hard time meeting men, but he does have a hard time getting them to stick around once they discover his vocation.

Archie White is a former drag queen who hung up his stilettos to start an HIV transition home in the memory of someone he held near and dear to his heart. All work and no play has made Archie a very dull man, but he thinks his luck is about to change when a friend introduces him to a dark-eyed stranger. That is until he learns the man is a pastor. Archie detests anything to do with religion, and for very good reasons.

Archie’s gut tells him to run, and Ollie’s heart tells him to pursue. What can a pastor and a sometimes-queen possibly have in common? A desire to find unconditional love with someone who truly sees them. What happens next is the poignant, sweet, and sexy journey for two resilient hearts. Ollie and Archie ’s halos might be battered and a little tarnished, but they’re definitely not broken.

Broken Halos is a charming story with heart, heat, and humor. Warning: these characters and their quirky sidekicks may take up permanent residence in your heart, so proceed with caution. Each book in the Queen City Rogues series can be read as part of the series or as a standalone novel. This book contains sexually explicit material and colorful language intended for adults 18 and older.

I know some of you aren't too sure you want to read a book with a pastor as the main character. Please believe me when I say that Ollie isn't preachy. The themes in this book are love, acceptance, forgiveness, having faith in yourself when you've lost it in the world, and honoring the chosen family. Who among us can't relate to those themes?

These guys might sound familiar but you can't quite place them. Ollie and Archie were both introduced in This Time Around. Some are asking if it's necessary to read my Blissville books before starting this series and the answer is a resounding no. This series can definitely be read on its own merits. I hope you'll give Ollie and Archie a chance because their love warms my heart as no other couple has before them. Still unsure? Check out the free sample feature through Amazon to see if the book appeals to you.

Willing to give it a go? Click here to purchase or read on Kindle Unlimited:

I'm back in my office hard at work on the next Road to Blissville book for Romeo, the silver fox superintendent, and  Julius, the much younger chemistry teacher. I'm planning for a January 2019 release and will provide more details once they're available.



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