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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Josh and Gabe answer your questions as well as the Play List for the series and giveaway winners

Today we finally get to sit down with Gabe & Josh who will answer all those questions.   
Who’s excited to see what the boys have to say?

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First up in the hot seat is Gabe!!

Q: How hard is for you to manage the job you do and your relationship? 
GABE: It’s really hard to do sometimes because my job isn’t 9 to 5 work and unsolved cases weigh heavily on my mind. Josh is the most important person in my life and he deserved my complete attention. I think this is a struggle that most people can relate to.  

Q: Second favorite car?
GABE:  I’d like to have a 1970 Challenger to go with my 1970 Charger. Maybe someday.

Q: What do you want Josh to cook you next?
GABE:  Country fried steak. It’s to die for! Do you see what I did there?  

Q: Besides sex and cooking, favorite thing Josh does for you?
GABE:  Physically, I love the way he massages my scalp to ease my tension. My favorite things about Josh, isn’t physical though. What I cherish most is his heart. I worked hard to earn it and I’m keeping it for life.

Q: Favorite dance position from Josh?
GABE:  I don’t know the proper names for these positions, but my favorite is what I call the Splits Spin. The ball of his foot is pressed against the pole and he spins around while doing the splits. His legs look like they stretch for miles.

Q: How did you feel when you finally knew that Josh was the one?
GABE:  I felt complete and settled for the first time in my life.

Q: Will you ever let Josh drive your "other" car?
GABE:  Stay tuned!

Q: How long will you wait to have to have kids?
GABE:  We would like to be married for a year before we adopt kids.

Q: How did you come up with that proposal?
GABE:  That was great, right? I’m pretty pleased with myself over that one. I wanted to do something big and memorable while minimizing the chance of him saying no. I figured he wouldn’t humiliate me while his show was streaming live and I wasn’t going to allow him to change his mind later.  

Q: What position you prefer Josh in?
GABE:  All of them! Come on, I’m a guy! My favorite positions are the ones where I can look into his eyes and see what he’s feeling.

Q: Lights on or off?
GABE:  Both. Sometimes feeling your way in the dark is extremely sexy.  

Q: Top or bottom?
GABE:  Both 😉  

Q: Would you like to tie Josh to the bed and have your wick way with him?
GABE:  Stay tuned 😉  

Q: When are we getting a sexy role-play scene? Like... white-collar criminal and FBI agent.
GABE:  That’s a good suggestion. Probably as soon as I wrap up this interview. 😊

We’re just getting started!   Now to see Josh squirm a little with some questions.

Q: How hard has it been for you to deal with your insecurities? How are you copeing with them now? 
JOSH: I think that my insecurities will always be inside me. I don’t think we ever really shed them completely. I cope by telling myself that Gabe loves me the way that I am and has proven that to me on multiple occasions. I remind myself that I am the one he chose.  

Q: Would you ever open a restaurant with your recipes?
JOSH: No, because I wouldn’t have enough time to dedicate to something like that and I wouldn’t want to put Edson and Emma out of business. That’s just rude. I wouldn’t mind making a cookbook though.  

Q: Do you ever role play with Gabe?
JOSH: We haven’t role played yet.  

Q: Favorite food to make Gabe?
JOSH: Country Fried Steak and apple pie  

Q: More pets in the future?
JOSH: Stay tuned.  

Q: How did you feel about Gabe's proposal?
JOSH: It was the happiest moment of my life. Gabe is my greatest blessing.  

Q: When do you think you'll have kids with Gabe?
JOSH: We’d like to be married for a year before we have kids.  

Q: Will you expand your business?
JOSH: Stay tuned!

Q: Would you like to teach Gabe to pole dance?
JOSH: I would teach him if he’s interested. Pssst, lean closer so he doesn’t hear me. *whispers* I crazy love my man, but he’s not very graceful.

Q: Preferred sexual position?
JOSH: All of them! I do love a slow ride though. I love to watch him come undone beneath me and when he digs his fingers into my flesh.  

Q: If you can choose only one: sex against the wall or over the kitchen's table?  Why?
JOSH: Wall banger for the win. I don’t like the possibility of pubes and jizz near my food.

Q: Are you two getting kids any time soon?
JOSH: We hope so. We’d like to be married for a year first.

Q: Can you ask Aimee to please, please not end this series... ever??? I love it to much!
JOSH: I’ll see what I can do. If you only knew how crazy I made her while she wrote her Fated Hearts series with Chase and the gang. Do you ever wonder why the Fatal Reaction prequel was written in only Gabe’s POV? It was because I nagged her for a story for over a year so she made me wait a little longer before I had my say.

Q: Would you ever wear panties? If so, silk or lace?
JOSH: They make sexy briefs for men, which is my preference. I think Lace is sexier than silk. It gives you a peek at what’s beneath.

Let’s bring Gabe back and see how they answer the next set of questions!

Q: How hard has it been for you both with planning the wedding and working?
GABE: It’s not been too terrible. Josh made some great connections at Channel Eleven.
JOSH: We had a pretty simple vision and stuck with it. I think the house remodeling has been more stressful than planning the wedding.

Q: Ideal Honeymoon destination?
GABE: Stay Tuned
JOSH: You’re going on our honeymoon with us!  

Q: Threesome in the future? 
GABE: Fuck no!
JOSH: What he said.

Q: Any adoption in the future?
GABE: Yes!
JOSH: Definitely.

Q: Favorite activity together besides sex?
GABE: He’s got me hooked on Fixer Upper and reruns of The Closer
JOSH: Cornhole. You’ll learn what that is if you don’t already. It’s not the same thing as a glory hole.

Q: Did you think when you met you would end up getting married?
GABE: No way!
JOSH: Hell no!

Q: So with your growing "family" will you guys continue to have Sunday dinner? If so, will you let the family continue to grow?
GABE: Sunday dinners will continue.
JOSH: You’ll get to see more of that expansion in I Do, or Dye Trying

Q: What would you like your first dance song to be?
GABE: Stay tuned.
JOSH: That will be answered in the book also.

Q: What is your favorite band?
GABE: The Rolling Stones
JOSH: Pentatonix

Q: If you could change only one thing from your past, what would it be?
GABE: I would’ve stopped my brother from going to the store for ice cream.
JOSH: Nothing. My past made me who I am today.

Q: Did you ever imagine that you would find the love of your life?
GABE: I hoped so, but I wasn’t so sure.
JOSH: Honestly? No, I didn’t think it would happen for me.

Q: Tied up or handcuffed during sex?
GABE: Handcuffs
JOSH: Tied up

Q: Do you have any kinks?
JOSH: Not yet.

Q: Are you thinking about having a family of your own in the future?
GABE: Yes!
JOSH: Definitely!

Q: Where do you see yourselves in 5 years?
GABE: In our new backyard pushing kids on a swing set
JOSH: I’ll be the voice of reason who says “no.” when the kids say “push me higher, daddy.”  

Q: Would you like to hang out with Aimee’s Dye Hards?  If so, where would we all meet up?
GABE: Vegas!
JOSH: I was thinking to invite them over for Sunday dinner, but I guess Vegas works too.

Now it’s time for the good stuff.   Hold onto your seats everyone!!!!

Coffee or Unicorn Frappuccino?
GABE: Coffee
JOSH: Coffee

Beach or Mountains?
GABE: Both
JOSH: Both

Boat or Motorcycle? 
GABE: Boat
JOSH: Boat  

Christmas or Thanksgiving?
GABE: Thanksgiving. I have much to be thankful for.
JOSH: I would’ve said Christmas before I met Gabe, but it’s Thanksgiving now.

Cabin in the woods or big city?
GABE: Cabin in the woods
JOSH: Cabin in the woods

Winter or Summer?
JOSH: Winter

Night sex or Morning sex?
GABE: Both
JOSH: We’re open 24/7 around here

Flavored lube or Olive oil?
GABE: flavored lube
JOSH: olive oil

Pool or Hot tub?
GABE: Pool then the hot tub
JOSH: I agree

Larger shower or a Jacuzzi tub in the new master bathroom?
GABE: Both. We’re high maintenance.
JOSH: Both.

Sex toys, yay or nay?

Ebooks or paperbacks?
GABE: ebooks
JOSH: paperback

Boxers or Briefs?
GABE: boxers
JOSH: briefs  

Favorite position?
GABE: All of them
JOSH: reverse cowboy

Favorite Food?
GABE: apple pie
JOSH: meat loaf  

Favorite Car?
GABE: 1970 Charger
JOSH: My princess

Ticklish?  Where?
GABE: Yes, my feet.
JOSH: Yes, my ribs

Favorite Body Part on Gabe?
JOSH: Hands

Favorite Body Part of Josh?
GABE: Heart

Thank you Gabe & Josh for hanging out with us today!   We’re so excited to see what the future holds for you.

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For those that would like to listen to the playlist you can listen here - - -> Spotify Playlist

Pentantonix Deluxe Version Album
Twenty One Pilots Blurryface Album
Simple Love Song – Anuhea
Marry Me – Train
Can’t Get Enough of Your Love, Babe – Barry White
Somewhere Over the Rainbow and What a Wonderful Word – Israel Kamakawiwo’ole
What a Wondeful World – Louis Armstrong
Because you Loved Me – Celine Dion
Like a Wrecking Ball – Eric Church
Vice – Miranda Lambert
Something in the Way You Move – Ellie Goulding
Earned It – The Weekend
Your Body is a Wonderland – John Mayer
Wicked Game – Chris Isaak
Kiss Me – Ed Sheeran
One More Night – Maroon 5
Not Over You – Gavin Degraw
Need You Now – Lady Antebellum
Begin Again – Taylor Swift
Strip it Down – Luke Bryan
Just the Way You Are – Bruno Mars
Crash Into Me – Dave Matthews Band
Thinking Out Loud – Ed Sheeran
Your Body is a Wonderland – John Mayer
It Takes Two – Rob Base and DJ EZ Rock
Like a Wrecking Ball – Eric Church

Thank you all for constant love and support.   You all mean the world to me!

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Thank you for everyone who participated in helping out with the questions and adding to the playlist.
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