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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Grateful Giveaway Contest Winners!

Grateful Giveaway Contest Winners: 

I have received entries from Marsherri Pierce, Carolyn Johnson (2), Michelle Davis McGlosson, Jose Castillo II, Dylan Koolman, Oor Janie, Ginger Kelley Boyd, and Amy Keating Casey. These entries were all amazing, creative, and hilarious!  I loved them all so much.  Here is a sampling of Sebastian and Adam’s Valentine Adventure. 

Locations:        Seattle
                        Poseidon Undersea Resort, Fiji
                        Ice Hotel, Sweden
                        Disney World
                        Key West, Florida
                        New York
                        Whistler, skiing mecca near Vancouver
                        Private Island
                        Lake Francis, Florida 

Activities:        Couple massages and spa days
                        Helicopter rides and private dinners
                        An all-male Burlesque performance
                        Submarine rides
                        Scuba diving
                        Horseback riding
                        Northern Lights tour
                        Private access to theme park and special suite at Cinderella’s Castle
                        Private tours and special dinners
                        Snorkeling and a sunset cruise
                        Couples mixed martial arts session
                        A special dinner symbolic of their first at Sebastian’s home
                        Boating and windsurfing
                        Hiking and more skiing 

Calamities:      Adams gets his sexy underwear exposed when pants rip
                        Sebastian nearly drowns while scuba diving
                        Adam falls off snowmobile, twists ankle, gets buried in the snow
                        Adam falls bare-assed naked over rail on sunset cruise
                        Adam and Sebastian get frisky at spa and unintentionally shock an elderly woman
                        Adam and Sebastian expose themselves to voyeuristic moose
                        Sebastian gets sand in uncomfortable places and a sunburn
                        Sebastian uses Icy Hot on Adam’s man parts instead of lubricant (Ouch) 

Oh, my sweet Adam. How can I choose four winners after all of that effort and creativity?  I can’t!  Congrats, all eight of you win a $25 Amazon gift card.  It looks like electronic gift cards are the quickest way for me to send your prizes.  Please send me a PM with your email addresses and I will get those to you ASAP!
As for the WIP Wednesday portion of today's blog...


These pictures properly represent recent activities in Chasing Mr. Wright. I thought I'd show you what's going on instead of telling you.  I hope you enjoy! Until next week...





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